The 3 L’s

Happy Monday ya’ll! Despite having nothing in particular to do this weekend (as far as going out and about) I still find myself wrapping up my weekend with a few things still left to do. Ah well. I spent quite a bit of time prepping for the “Cinco de Mayo Murder Mystery” party we’re hosting next weekend (more on that later!) and making banners to match our regular ol’ living room decor. Oh, and I may have slept in until 11 on Saturday and enjoyed a 3 hour nap on Sunday. Perhaps those 6 hours could have been spent crossing of to-do’s, but I wouldn’t trade it. 😉

Our marriage theme (remember it from our wedding?) is “Live, Laugh, Love”…so I decided to echo that in our banners.

 I just can’t get over the banner thing. I probably put too many of them up, but I’ve at least resolved not to do what I did in January…winter banners, new year banners, and birthday banners. That was really too much. 😛

This one might not stay up permanently, but I like hanging a little banner on our buffet entertainment table.

These apothocary jars are becoming my favorite decorating piece, and they are my #1 “must do” as far as decorating advice. They offer such versatility in arrangement, and you can change what is in the jars to match the season or holiday. This month I used scrapbook paper, limes (plastic), and old keys with ribbon wrapped around the jar. Couldn’t be easier!

That jar to the right still needs a little something…flowers maybe. The new table runner I got from Target this weekend matches perfectly! (*Like how we’re living our Wii Fit board out in an effort to motivate us to use it more often?!)

Corner shelf…complete w/ a fancy bowl to hold Huxley’s dog leash. 🙂

Love printables! This time I went with scripture in our living room colors…beautiful! (*Agh…and I’ve lost the link to this great art…thank you to the person who created it!)

 I used scrap pieces of the banner paper to make mini-banners for our shelf. Cheap & easy!

My new mantra…

We do a lot of laughing in our home…

It’s a bit wrinkled, (and on the long side) but I love our new tablecloth. Thanks again Target!

Decorating & crafting just makes me happy…I love making our house a comfortable & happy home! Here’s to praying & hoping that this week is comfortable & happy…can’t believe it’s the last day of April!!


P.S. – Just tossing this out there, but I’m planning on making banners this summer to sell in a Christmas craft fair. Be honest…how much would YOU pay for a banner? I need to figure out what I should ask for them…

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One thought on “The 3 L’s

  1. It’s not how much people would pay for them, it how much time and money it costs you. Depending on the time you spend making each one, I would say the $7 – $10 a banner would be a fair price. You will never get your time out of making crafts, so I just figure about $5 an hour when I make anything. People won’t pay what it’s really worth. Hope this helps! (At that very least, make sure you get your money back for the supplies!) HUGS, and Happy Crafting!


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