Happy Birthday Mr. Huxley

Who has 2 thumbs and threw a mini-birthday party for her dog on Wednesday?

Oh yeah.

This girl.

But, in my defense, I also had my 3 1/2 year old niece with us as my helper. She is a dog lover, a cake lover, and a party lover…so it made for a fun evening for us. 😉 Before party time, we had to cook dinner. She was a great help…until she started eating more of the ingrediants than she was putting on the pizza casserole. (A girl after my own heart!)

Then it was time to secretly (meaning without the knowledge of Chris!) make this microwavable puppy cake. It smelled weird, looked weirder, and had some funky-tacky icing…but I still fed it to Huxley anyway. 😉

While the cake was baking I got Huxley’s birthday gift out. No, I did not wrap it. Yes, I did think about it.

(The red collar looks really sharp on him by the way…)

Once the cake was iced and ready, I had to do my thang and add a few special elements…sprinkled dog cookies & a glittery candle on top.

Of course I put a 1 because it’s his first birthday in dog years, but I considered putting a 7 because I thought that was the equivalent in dog years. Turns out there is some controversy on that matter…check out this chart I found on www.dogyears.com

Canine Age

Human Age

2 Months

14 Months

6 Months

5 Years

8 Months

9 Years

1 Year

15 Years

2 Years

24 Years

3 Years

28 Years

4 Years

32 Years

5 Years

37 Years

6 Years

42 Years

7 Years

47 Years

8 Years

52 Years

9 Years

57 Years

10 Years

62 Years

11 Years

67 Years

12 Years

72 Years

13 Years

77 Years

14 Years

82 Years

So according to this my sweet little puppy baby is 15?! A teenager?!

I agree A-Bug…that’s CRAZY!

And yet, it somehow explains a lot…

A-Bug was a great sport, wearing her party hat like a sweet girl. Huxley just tried to eat his, so there are no pics of that. 🙂

 The best posed pic I got of the two of them. It’s interesting trying to capture a 3 year old & 15 year-old puppy being still at the same time.

Waiting semi-patiently for his cake…

Digging in…the cake was definitely a little on the tacky side…he needed a drink for sure!

A-Bug loves her Huxley! She wasn’t even jealous that he got a cake and she didn’t!

A fun time was had by all…even by Chris. (Who did eventually find out about the cake…and rolled his eyes.) We sang, we laughed, and Huxley didn’t throw up, so I’d call it a successful puppy party!

Happy Friday friends!


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