Trickham, TX

My family has this sweet little annual tradition. It’s a little old fashioned &  a little Southern (according to Chris), and it’s a part of who I am. The annual Trickham Cemetary Association Meeting.

For my whole life (and I’m sure before then even, but since the world started when I was born we’ll just begin the story there. Bahaha. Go ahead and roll your eyes…that will be the most self-absorbed comment I’ll make today. *wink* Promise!)

Wow, I got soooo off there there I just need to start that part over.


For my whole life, we’ve gone out to Trickham, TX on the Sunday after Easter to visit the cemetary, attend a memorial service / cemetary business meeting, and eat a potluck lunch. You’ve seen this pic before, but here is what looks to be my first Trickham ever…maybe the only 4 generation picture we have of me, my mother, my grandmother, and my great-grandmother.

My great-grandmother died when I was very young, then my great-grandfather when I was early junior-highish age. While I don’t remember her, I have wonderful memories of visiting him in the nursing home and playing dominoes together.

During the early-Trickham years (my early years that is), my best memories are of singing specials during the service. My favorite song to sing was “Thank You for Giving to the Lord,” and it was a favorite of my family as well.

When I was a freshman in high school my Papa passed away from cancer. That was incredibly hard for our family…he was a wonderful grandfather and it was a painful goodbye. Trickham became even more meaningful to me from that point on, especially as the years went on and it sometimes became the only time in a year I might go to visit his grave.

Over the years I’ve brought my 3 serious boyfriends along (my not-so-little cousin brought hers for the first time this year…weird), worn a big kentucky-derby hat, and (most recently) watched a “grave finder” show us how he finds unmarked graves. (If you want more info on that, just leave me a comment below.)

Then there was this year…our first Trickham without Pappy. Caleb & I drove down together, wanting to remember and honor our Pappy and support our Momma. I was worried that it would be hard, and I did my share of crying when Pappy’s name was called during the service, but overall it was a sweet time of spending time with family. I’m not sad for Pappy that she wasn’t there…she’s in a far better place & feeling better than any of us are.

And in all actuality, it was probably a good thing Pappy wasn’t around. That grave hunter climbed all over her little plot of land during his “grave finding demonstration.” Gotta laugh to keep from crying, right?!

 Mom, Caleb, & myself…Dad hadn’t made it out there quite yet. 🙂

Me, Caleb, Kodi, & Cheyenne…aren’t they beautiful?

So that’s what it’s all about. A tiny little town with a cemetary, church, community center, & a few houses. One Sunday a year to gather together to remember loved ones, make provisions for the care of the cemetary, and eat so much at the pot-luck lunch that you make yourself sick. And a whole lotta love for my family. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. 🙂


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One thought on “Trickham, TX

  1. Just a little tidbit ~ In Maryland, they have what is called Perpetual Cementarys. That means that when you buy a plot, it’s taken care of forever (well, at least until the rapture). Keep in mind, there’s not enough room (land) in Maryland to have the kind of thing that’s done in the south. So, yes, Chris was right by saying “It’s a southern thing” or maybe it’s a Texas thing! Yes, we are city folk. 🙂 Love us anyway, right??


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