People throw rocks at things that shine…

Have you heard the new Taylor Swift song…”Ours”? <Well, it’s new to me. I don’t listen to the radio very often, so these days everytime I turn it on I hear a song or two I’ve never heard before…> I hear she’s got a new album coming out soon…which is good, because my car needs a new cd or two. <Yes, my car NEEDS cd’s. Doesn’t yours?>


This particular post actually has nothing to do with a relationship people didn’t think would work, or people underestimating me, or anything of the sort. It actually just has to do with something that is very, very shiny. <Nothing deep here people. Staying totally superficial today! *wink*>


I took in my engagement/wedding ring(s) to be polished up and redipped…and as always, I love the results!

So sparkley…can hardly take my eyes off! (But no worries…these pictures were taken at a very long stoplight.)

I think I’ve shared the story of how this beauty came to be on my finger. The short version is this…

*Spring ’09 – Chris & I decide to go ring shopping together. I definitely wanted to be part of the selection process (it’s going to be on my finger for the rest of my life after all!) and Chris welcomed me along…he didn’t want that pressure resting on him alone. We went to several places, met lots of pushy salespeople, and ended the day with Chris breathing into a paper bag to keep from hyperventilating. <Okay, not quite. But he did have a bit of a meltdown from the sticker shock.>

*A little later that Spring – The mother-of-all-hail storms hits MW and dents everything <including Chris’ truck> to pieces. Chris receives a sizeable check as a result and socks it away instead of repairing the dents.

*October ’09 – Chris finally overcomes his sticker shock & decides he can handle another go at ring shopping. We shorten our list of places to visit, do a little more research in advance, and generally pump one another up the whole way. We knew that we could get a beautiful ring that would fit within the money Chris had saved, and we knew that the style I gravitated most towards was a split band with a round diamond. Armed with that knowledge & lots of love, we boldy went where most men cringe to go. 😉

Helzberg ended up being our saving grace…excellent customer service & an amazing ring from their Masterpiece collection. It had everything I wanted, was within the price range he wanted, and had a unique element that both of us loved. We didn’t leave with the ring that day <had to leave some element of surprise there people> but we left in a happier state of mind for sure.

*November 1, 2009 – Chris asked me to marry him. That was the real prize, but the ring was no chopped liver. 😉

*Everyday since – I’ve loved wearing it! It is such a beautiful symbol of the commitment Chris & I have made to one another, and I feel super blessed to be his wife and wear his ring (especially when it’s freshly dipped & polished! *wink*)


P.S. – And for the record, Chris’ truck still looks like it’s got a bad case of cellulite from all that hail damage. Oh the things men do for love.

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