For you? 5 dolla!

This past weekend I got together with some of my girlfriends to throw a big ol’ garage sale. The idea came together about a month ago…I even cleaned out the house and gathered a nice little pile of “treasures.”

But, in typical garage sale fashion, I didn’t start pricing any of those treasures until the night before. At 9 p.m.


But let’s go back to the beginning. 😉 I threw the idea out to the girls in my homegroup, we nailed down a date on the calendar (that’s quite a feat when you are trying to coordinate 5 families!), and decided on a pricing system / advertising plan. Sounds organized right?!

As it got closer, a couple of the other girls & I decided that we felt led to donate our portion of the money we made to a family from our church that is raising funds to begin their mission in Africa. Another family already had a plan in place for their moolah, but suggested we take our leftover clothes and such to a local organization that helps meet the needs of families in our county. Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

I so wish I would have taken pictures of the sale, but you know how those things go…you hit the ground running! In addition to the 5 families from church, we had one other friend join us, additional items donated, and a couple of our moms sent stuff…so it was quite large. We didn’t sell near everything, but we were blessed to be able to donate just over $200 to our missionary family & a crazy amount of clothes and other treasures to a local shelter.

I won’t bore you with other details of the sale, except to say that when you get our group together, with all the husbands and kiddos and personalities, it is far from boring! 🙂 I will share with you the info for the organization that the missionary family is going with…they are special people, and it looks like a special organization!


And now, as a reward for sitting patiently as I shared my garage-sale successes with you, a special treat that will *hopefully* make you laugh.

Once I was getting a pedicure (a GREAT pedicure by the way), but was having a little trouble relaxing because of the ladies sitting next to me. I can think of no other way to describe them except to say that they were big ol’ “Texas women,” talking about drinkin’ and dancin’ and cowboys and sparkly shoes.

One of them explained to her pedicurist (is that what they are called?) who was Asian that “the reason my feet are so calloused is because I wear flip-flops to the bar all the time.”


The lady loudly continues on to ask the girl if she can “do something about my heels.”

The pedicurist raises up her foot, twists it back and forth, all while scrunching up her face and scrutinizing the crustiness that was this ladies heel. Then without missing a beat she glares up at the lady, points at her heel, and says “For you?! 5 DOLLAS!”


And then my perfectly relaxing pedicure turned into this horrific show that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. Again, I won’t go into details, but I believe there was a cheese grater involved.

*shivers down my spine*throw up in my mouth*


And for those of you who are wondering, I did actually connect those two stories in my mind for a reason. 😉 It was crazy to see the way some of our garage sale customers would try to  get our already low prices down even lower…I think they would have been happy if we would have been “The Quarter Sale.” (And even then they probably would have tried to get us down to a dime or something!) When I felt like they were being unreasonable in what they wanted to pay, it made me want to charge them even more just to make a point.

So even though I never actually said it (and if it came down to them not buying it vs. them paying me less for it, I generally let them take it for the lower price) in my head there were times when I was thinking “For you?! 5 DOLLAS!”

Happy Monday everyone!


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