A Good Egg

Wanna know what teaches really talk about in the teachers lounge?

Oh you know, what Sally said to Johnny, new pinterest ideas, bombed lesson attempts…

And, of course, how to best turn a class Easter egg hunt into an elementary version of “The Hunger Games.” (Where everyone lives of course.)

In case you’re wondering, it wouldn’t be that hard. Think of the cornicopia…a ton of good supplies & weapons in a big clump right in the middle, then thinning out the further it gets from the center. All you would have to do is put a big pile of eggs right in the middle, then spread them out as you get further out.

There might be a few bumps and bruises for those who decided to venture into the center, but I’m sure there would be no where near the bloodshed that there is in the movie. *wink*

We decided not to go that route for the kinders…(I can’t imagine why, right?)…and in the end all our babies enjoyed a fun afternoon of egg hunting & treats & playing. Everyone survived…even when the teachers weren’t so sure we were going to make it. 😛


Everyone loves a good egg hunt (the kinders proved that today!) and I’m no exclusion to that rule. My extended family has a big tradition of getting together for Easter to visit, eat lots of yummy food, and hunt eggs. And I mean almost everyone hunts eggs. The little kids, the big kids (myself, my cousins, our significant others), and the patriarchs. (That’s a fancy way to say my Dad & uncles.)

The only people who don’t hunt are my mom & aunts…they get to be the Easter bunnies. 😉

 It’s not always our finest hour, but there are always laughs & lots of fun. The patriarchs (I feel like if they knew I was calling them that it would give them a big head. :P) and my male cousins will lie, steal, and cheat to get a Cadbury egg…they are more fun to watch than the little ones!

We all got together last weekend to celebrate & it was a fun time as always!


This year I’m looking forward to stating what will (hopefully!) be a new tradition. I’ve got a batch of eggs all ready to hide for our neice, and I can’t wait to see her running around gathering them all up! I won’t mind if we have to rehide them 3 or 4 or more times…I like wearing my bunny ears anyway. 😉


 Without a doubt, Easter is about FAR, FAR more than egg hunts. Easter is about recognizing the price Jesus paid on the cross to save the sins of the world…and about celebrating the triumph He had over death so that we too can live eternally with Him in Heaven. I fall more in love with my Savior everyday, and am in awe of the grace and mercy He extends.

It is my prayer that even among egg hunts & “Easter fun” we would all keep our eyes on the real prize – Jesus!


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