Sometimes you have a not so good day. Or not so good moments.

That happened to me yesterday.

Kids going through things that I (thank God) can’t relate to at all, but my heart breaks for them all the same.

Questioning if I’m doing what’s best for the children, even though I know in my heart I’m providing consistency in love.

Feeling as though I just can’t quite do anything right, although I know others reactions to me aren’t necessarily reflections of my intentions.

And then.

And then a good friend offers an ear, a couple of pieces of chocolate, and a laugh.

In this case, the laugh was about me.

Turns out her neighbor, an semi-almost-looks like he’s approaching elderly man asked if “that cute little girl who drives the red car” (in case you are having trouble following…that’s me people! *wink*) was married.

Now whether or not he was asking for himself or his son or grandson, who knows. I’ll take it either way.

Today will be better.


P.S. Wanna hear one more funny? I initially thought her neighbor was asking about me because I’ve almost hit him with my car like 3 times. :O In my defense, it’s a crowded street. And he, apparently, is a ninja.

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