Pistol Wielding Annie.

Or Heather. Tomato, tomato.

The point is, for a “country” girl (and I use that term loosely because I know people who are far, far, far more country than I am) I’ve never personally handled guns very often. Like maybe two or three times, max.

So I thought I was pretty safe in that regard when I married my computer nerd husband.


That was all fine and dandy, until my nerdy husband decided he was going to be a gun fanatic. (And I use that term loosely, because I know people who are far, far, far less of gun fanatic than he is.)

He looks at guns, wants to buy guns, watches YouTube videos about guns, reads magazines about guns, talks about guns, even dreams about guns. <Yes. Really.>

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of him. I will admit to some eye rolls, and we’ve had lots and lots of talks about gun safety and such, but it is fun to see him get into something new…and he certainly has more to talk about with my fam now. 🙂

I’ve managed to stay out of this whole gun business for the most part, but Chris has really been wanting me to go shooting with him. I kept putting him off…not really my thing, ya know?…until I heard something at church last week. It was during the “Love and Respect” class I’m taking (don’t even get me going on that…it’s SO good!)

Anyway, the point was made that women typically try to show love to their man in the same way they like to receive it…oftentimes by spending time talking. However, men typically feel the most love when they engage in an activity with their wife in which there is no talking.

It’s weird I know.

So I decided to test it out, and make good on the promises I’ve made Chris to go shooting with him.

And now? I’m a believer!

Chris was so pumped, so energized. I think he enjoyed helping me to teach something, and he was so excited to have me along.

Why didn’t I do this with him sooner?!

So ladies, if you’re husband has been begging asking hinting that there is something he would like you to do with him, then my advice is…DO IT! What are you waiting for? Show your husband love by trying something new…you just may enjoy it after all!


P.S. – As for my shooting…turns out I’m not half bad! (I’m not half good either, but that’s not the point.) I was teachable, I hit the target, and I didn’t shoot any one or thing. The boys were impressed with me over all. You can bet your guns that I’ll be even better next time. 😉

P.S.S. – Yes, I did take a couple of pictures with the gun. No, I will not post them on here. Don’t need that popping up in anyone’s search engines…it’s not quite the persona most Kindergarten teachers try to portray. Ha!

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One thought on “Pistol Wielding Annie.

  1. Good for you! I really, really, really want to send you and Chris on that “Weekend to Remember” conference sometime soon! Oh gosh, I think you’d learn a lot there too! (Not that I’m saying you NEED it!)

    Side note: He’s like his mom. Addictive personality. When the Nitendos first came out, we bought him magazine after magazine, game after game, dealt with sleep walking (about Mario), and everything you’ve talked about here. However, there wasn’t the computer internet like it is today. That’s my son!

    It’s a blast watching you (and him) learn about each other! We love you guys and can’t wait to be back “home”!


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