TACO…it’s the new STAAR

So…I’m assuming that unless you are A) living under a rock or B) living somewhere other than Texas, you are aware that the new high stakes testing began in Texas schools this week…STAAR. It will continue throughout the spring, and I could launch into a full blown tirade about how there is so much about the test that is just completely unknown right now (including what score it will take to pass)…but I won’t.

Instead I’ll just pass along a funny e-mail I received that I know you teachers out there will appreciate. I’m not sure if the person I received it from was the author or not, so I don’t know who to give credit to. Maybe it’s better to remain anonymous…*wink*…but either way, I’m not the original author. Now that we’ve got that straight…

Forget TAKS and STAAR!  How about a TACO?!
Since the average life of previous state-wide tests (TABS, TEAMS, TAAS, TAKS, and now STAAR) has been about 5 or so years, we have decided that it is not too early to plan for the next test.  The new instrument will be the Texas Assessment of Cognitive Operations (TACO).  It will have a remedial version (Soft TACO), a regular version (Hard TACO), and advanced version with many more pages (the Gordita).  It will be graded on a normal curve (the TACO Bell).
Districts will be graded/ offered a report of standings, the Summative Administrative Assessment Survey –SAAS (pronounced sauce).  Ratings are excellent (TACO Bueno), satisfactory (Mild SAAS) or unsatisfactory (Hot SAAS).
Districts receiving the lowest scores will be put on probation with a Basic Educational Appraisal –Not Satisfactory (BEANS).
A second low rating earns the dreaded supplement: REmediation FactoR for Individualized Education Deficits (REFRIED BEANS).  This rating will cause a lot of hot air at campus faculty meetings.

Bahaha…gotta laugh to keep from crying right?!

Seriously though, I saw a segment on the news that compared a question from an eleventh grade exit test in the late 80’s (the test was TABS I think) to an eleventh grade “End of Course” STAAR exam. The TABS question was a simple graph, and they said it would not even be considered for placement on a 3rd grade STAAR test. And I agree…honestly I’ve done examples similiar to the TABS question with my Kinders…

Craziness right?!

The STAAR hypothetical question was a quadratic formula that had my head spinning…quite a difference in expectations I’d say. I won’t go there either.

So all that to say…hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ teachas…they be testin’ everybody up in here! 😛


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