Hunger Games Mania!

I went to see the Hunger Games with a couple of my girlfriends on Saturday night.

Aggghhhhh! *Insert me clutching my chest w/ my eyes bugging out.* And it was sooo good!

I won’t spoil anything because I know not everyone ran right out at their first available opportunity to watch it, but you seriously. need. to watch it.

This past summer I decided to read the books after I heard so many people talking about them on blogs and such…but I wasn’t so sure I’d be into them. Turns out…I was, and so were bazillions of other people. The series really is just that good.

Of course I had pretty high expectations for the movie, and I honestly was not disappointed. One thing that was really fun about my movie-watching experience is that since I read the books almost 9 months ago, I was fuzzy on the details of exactly what was going to happen in this first movie. Obviously I knew the big events, but as I watched I couldn’t always remember exactly what was going to happen next. That being said, I was able to stay present with what was happening and not spend a lot of time anticipating what was coming next.

I know for me, and I’m pretty sure I could say this for the girls I went with, it was a pretty intense movie to watch! Even knowing how it ended, I felt a lot of anxiousness throughout the movie (I mean, the idea of kids being thrown into an arena to fight to the death while others watch and cheer on would make most people pretty anxious I think…) and had a lot of feelings along the way. The scenes with Rue were the hardest for me to watch…should have taken my kleenex for that part. 😦

One surprise that I hadn’t necessarily anticipated was the comedic relief that was brought in by Stanley Tucci, who played the role of Caesar Flickerman. He ended up being one of my favorite characters…and who wouldn’t love his blue hair?!

Like any book turned movie, there were a few changes made, characters deleted, and liberties taken. Part of the trouble with making a book like this one into the movie is that the book was based in large part on the characters internal dialogue, and for that reason I don’t think the characters were developed as fully in the movie; nor were their relationships. I didn’t mind so much because I have read the books, but someone who hasn’t is missing out on a lot of the depth / complexities of this story…so definitely read the books too!

I literally just clutch my chest everytime I think about it. <Is that weird?!> The only frustrating part is having to wait who knows how long for the second movie to come out!!

hmmm.... sound familiar? @Mary Pedulla @Molly Cromer @Juliana Lassiter


Katniss Everdeen rocks



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