Wanna be my peep?

Well if you didn’t already, you definitely are going to wish you were after seeing these sweet treats I whipped up for home group Friday night. Never before have I been more inspired by Pinterest in the little cutesy desserts area, and I couldn’t wait to jump into Spring with my Peeps!

Funfetti cupcakes…I used the can of frosting w/ 4 tips to choose from and played with the design. It was fun!

Chocolate covered Peeps…easy to make, adorable to look at, tasty to eat!

Birds Nest Haystacks! Couldn’t be easier…melt a bag of butterscotch chips, stir in chow mein noodles, scoop out & set to dry. I think I’ll make these for the kiddos at school…they’ll love them!

Display #1…

Display #2…repurposed deviled egg tray!

And with the leftovers? Used ribbon to snaz up a paper plate, strategically placed sweet treats,

and we’re ready to deliver goodies to a few lucky peeps!

 All of these sweet treats were easy to make and relatively inexpensive. They’re perfect for any holiday get-togethers you may have, or to gift special friends in your life. In case you really want to take things to the next level, I’ve included a list of even MORE cute treats to make with Peeps. Get springy with it!


Chocolate Covered Peeps <so easy friends…it’s the grown-up version of a peep!>

Birds Nest Cookies <adorable with little eggs or a peep sitting in the nest!>

Easter Deviled Eggs <sounds like an oxymoron of sorts…>

Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests <I really really wanna try this one…it makes my mouth water!>

Bunny Bait <looks yummy…the perfect gift for teachers!>

Peep S’Mores <y’all KNOW the love I have for smores. Remember “Come Back for S’More!”?>

Peeps Chocolate Covered Pretzels <a sweet twist on a classic!>

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