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So in case I haven’t mentioned it enough lately, Chris & I are incredibly blessed to be involved in a pretty rockin’ home group from our church. We have a great time everytime we get together, and I can’t wait to see where God takes us and how He grows us down the road.

The ladies of the group worked together to create a calendar of bible studies & events, then our computer pro L typed it up in a cute calendar for us to download. Perfect! 🙂

What is so weird about it all is that L said she checked recently and noticed that our calendar has been downloaded almost 200 times. Say what?! There are 10 of us who are regulars in the group (5 married couples) and about 10 others we’re hoping to get involved. That would make maybe 20 downloads, max.

So where the heck are the other 180ish downloads coming from?

All this talk of random people being able see what you post to the internet got me thinking about my own sweet little blog. Obviously I know there are going to be some randoms reading what I put out here, but my mind was more than a little blown by what my blog stats revealed.

Keep Calm & Love On…Blog Stats:

– Over 30,000 views all time (*yowsa!)

– 294 views on my busiest day – March 1 (*Randomly, I didn’t even post any new content that day. Go figure.)

– The posts that are viewed most often include:

Keep Calm And…(fill in the blank) (*over 9,000 all time views…thanks to search engines!)

The Cross is my Statue of Liberty (*over 8,000 all time views…thanks again google!)

Am I raising a dog…or a shark?! (*over 7,000 all time views…which really makes absolutely no sense to me. What were people searching for when they found this one?!)

Those 3 are my all-time most popular, then below that are 7 other posts which received triple digit views.

Craziness right?!

– Those numbers are far from the norm…my other posts have received anywhere from 5 to 86 views.

Here’s where it got weird for me…one of my stat options was to look at a map of the world and see how many countries I’ve received hits from. Anyone have a guess as to how many?

I would have guessed maybe 2 or 3.

Try 80. Eight-Zero.

Say what?!

(*Excuse me for a moment while I chase a random rabbit. I got to wonderin’ how many countries there are in the world, so I went to my trusty friend google. Turns out there is a little debate going on as to what the actual number is. The general consensus is around 193, but there’s some wiggle room around that number depending on who you ask. Weird right?)

Top 5 countries to view my little ol’ blog:

1) United States

2) United Kingdom

3) Greece

4) Poland

5) Australia

Other noticables include, but are not limited to:

*Mongolia*Sudan*Macedonia*Saudi Arabia*Moldova*Morocco*Singapore*


So all that to say…

– I now understand why my husband says to be careful what you put on the internet. Even if you think you know most of your readers, you have no idea who else in the world could be randomly viewing your words and pictures.

– I now understand why bloggers say it is so important to use titles and tags that are search-engine friendly, especially if you are trying to grow your readership.

– Out of all the people in the world who stop by for a random look-see, my regular subscribers are still my favs. You guys rock!


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