Spring Break Stats

Another spring break has come and gone, in all its *gloriousness*…here’s how mine went:

# of rooms cleaned: 10 (*including the garage!)

# of trash bags / boxes thrown away: 10 (*yikes…that makes us sound pretty trashy)

# of boxes donated: 1 (*but it was a big ‘un!)

# of boxes / crates for a garage sale: 5 (*not enough for a sale of my own, but I’m planning on teaming up!)

# of books read: 3 (*2 weren’t really much to speak of…1 is pretty smokin.)

# of banners made: 4 (*lovely & springy & Easter-y)

# of movies watched: 3 (*not really worth recommending)

# of get-togethers w/ friends & fam: 5 (*love all my peeps!)

# of bowling pins knocked down in my winning game: 148 (*oh yeah baby)

# of errands ran: 8 (*oh yikes, just thought of one I missed…bummer!)

# of times I hung out with my favorite niece: 2 (*movie afternoon / shopping afternoon…love girl time!)

# of hours I slept: haha…too many to count!

# of blog posts written / posted: 1/2 (*well that’s not totally true…I did get a couple ready for the new week)

Sorry about that last one…I thought I’d spend a lot of time writing, but it didn’t work out that way. Overall I’d say my spring break was practically perfect…I accomplished the things on my to-do list, got a lot of much needed rest, enjoyed some me time / husband time / family time / Huxley time / friend time, and was reminded time and time again of how blessed I really am. It didn’t feel like it flew by, and even though I know I’d make a pretty rockin’ housewife, I’m not overly sad about going back to work on Monday.

I mean, summer will be here before we know it, right?!


P.S. – I did get that printable grocery shopping list checked off of my to-do list also…but I did take the easy way out. 😉 Found this great free printable on pinterest…it’s easy to modify to fit your needs. Check it out! http://www.ishareprintables.com/grocery-list-tear-off-pad

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