Spring Break To-Do’s

Ahhhhh, I can hear the angels singing. Thanks to our basketball team making it to state, we have the day off. That means Spring Break has started a day early, and I am pumped. The extra day off is definitely welcomed…who doesn’t need a break after participating in a week of wedding festivities (Mr.Q and Miss U…the whole alphabet was thrilled with the union!) and I’ll probably act like a total vegetable today. As for the rest of spring break…I’ve got grand plans of time spent with family & friends. It should be great!

But of course, there will be the to-do’s. I’ve got a touch of the spring cleaning fever…so here it goes. My virtual to-do list.

1. Clean out the garage.

I’m going to consider getting rid of some of the school stuff that is literally stacked against one entire wall of the garage. Consider being the key word. A synonym for “elementary teacher” is hoarder, so we’ll see how that works out for me.

2. Clean out my closet.

This has been an ongoing process since we got married. As a single girl with three closets & 2 standing racks all to myself, I had quite a collection of clothes. I cleared some of them out before we moved into our newlywed nest, but they still took up the entire master bedroom closet. <Chris doesn’t hang much up, but what he does is hanging in his office closet. So sad.>

Now my clothes are fitting differently <aka tighter> and I know there are plenty of things I didn’t even wear once this past fall or winter…so it’s time to reconsider.

3. Make a recipe / Master grocery list

Thanks to a couple of new cookbooks and pinterest, I’ve been testing out a lot of new recipes. My plan is to get the good ones off of pinterest and onto a card/book that I can reference more easily in the kitchen.

I also want to create a personalized master grocery list with the staples & ingrediants of our favorite recipes so that we can just check off what we need each month.

4. Clean the Carpets

I’ve seen a couple of home-remedies for removing stains / cleaning the carpet. I want to give it a try on our living room carpets…they could use some major work!

5. Redo the Guest Bedroom

From my brother living here for 4 months to both sets of parents, my sister-in-law, a friend, and a cousin staying here (all at different times of course), our guest room has gotten plenty of use lately. Currently there are two sets of clean (but embarassingly still unfolded) sets of sheets thrown on the bed, craft stuff spread out, and the original decor taken down to make it more brother-friendly. It’s time to get it whipped back into shape!


I’m sure there will be a little banner-making, a little dog washing, and I’ll probably read a book or two. It’s a lot to fit into one week (and one extra day!), but I’m going to get as much done as I can…allowing for daily afternoon naps of course. 😉


P.S. – Dare I say one of my other goals is to spur my husby into action as well. His office is disasterous…but we’ll see. 😛

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