Monday Schmonday.

Yesterday I had a half day off of school for my annual “Women’s Wellness Exam.” <And yes, I did just put that out there on blog land. It’s an important thing to do ladies!> I’ve got a great doctor, def worth the 45 minute drive out of town, and surprisingly I was able to get in and out pretty quickly, considering that she’s wildy popular with the ladies. <Is this getting to weird for you?>

After leaving, I rewarded myself with a starbucks, bouquet of flowers, and a zpack. Glorious.

<The flowers were a reminisce of my first “lady-doctor visit”…my sweet momma brought me roses! Since I can’t quite afford roses right now, I went with this $5 spring bouquet from Wal-Mart. *wink*>

The zpack was not included in that picture obviously…had to wait a little longer than I would have liked for the pharmacy to fill that order. <And by fill, I mean get the pre-packaged box off of the shelf and put it in a bag.> I’m so thankful that I my doctor is technically a “family doctor” and could help me take care of my pesky sinus infection, because it is wearing. me. out.

<And for the record, I’m not a totally sickly person. I work with 5 year olds. They lick things. They touch the brick in the urinals and crawl on the bathroom floor. They are still learning what it means to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. And within the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen countless numbers of them sneeze so hard that snot flies all over their face. It’s gross, but it’s my life. I don’t even gag anymore…go me!>

While I crashed on the couch, my sweet husband went and picked it up my meds for me, which is why he is so deserving of the surprise that came in the mail today…

My husband TOTALLY rocks! <Yes, I do understand that this picture is kind of at an odd angle. I’ll just say that Victoria is really providing a lot of support in this particular case, and that I hope my brother and/or father-in-law have stopped reading by this point. When I’m angry, tired, or sick I tend to misplace my filter.>

No doubt there are other husbands out there who rock also. If yours is one of them (and I hope he is!) then you should go check out this website. They’ve got tons of adorable shirts, and the reaction from my husby was totally worth the $20. He got the most ridiculously cute smile on his face, and jumped right off of his computer game to take a closer look. <For those of you with gamer husbands, you understand how big of a deal it was for him to jump off of his computer. For real.>

This was the “ladies” fitted shirt and ran true to size. It shipped quickly & I couldn’t be happier with it…I think this is the next one I want. 😉

I Love My Husband Winged Tee

I RESPECT My Husband Charcoal Vneck

Or maybe this one…they have a “respect” shirt for wives and a “love” shirt for husbands, based off of the book that I love called “Love & Respect”. Very cool!

I Love My Husband Navy Fitted Stretch Pants

This matching track suit is pretty cute too though…tough choices!

After you check out the t-shirts, you should hope over to their blog. It is written by a christian couple who give an honest perspective of the trials they’ve faced, how God has helped them to overcome, and what they do to put a hedge of protection around their marriage in the days since. It’s an honest look that reminds me personally that no marriage is perfect, no matter what people portray, and that above all our marriages are worth protecting and promoting.


So that was my Monday. Snotty kinders, most fav doctor appt of the year, zpack to the rescue, and a t-shirt to show my husby some love.

All that and a new dinner recipe, which was quick, easy, yummy, and (if made with the right ingrediants) weight watchers friendly!

Bubble up Enchiladas. Only 5 ingredients...and it's weight watchers!

Bubble Up Enchiladas…only 5 ingrediants!

The only thing missing from my Monday? Aerobics. Not feelin’ it with the gunk I’ve got going on…plus, they were meeting out at the track. There was talk of bleachers and laps and I’m not sure what else because I started having flashbacks to high school and kind of blacked out.

Between the bleachers and the gunk I don’t know that I’ll make it back to aerobics this week…but I am looking forward to rocking out my new work-out shorts. <Did you see them in the picture above?> I can really move around in them (and yes, I did try out a few kickboxing moves in the store) and they have an “underwear lining” so I won’t be flashing my business to everyone when we do wall kicks and ab work and such. I’m sure everyone will appreciate that last part.

I also got new sports bras’ a few weeks back…next up, some cute workout shirts and matching sweatbands. Oh yeah baby.


Alrighty then. I think I’ve covered enough personal/weird topics for one post. Don’t say you weren’t warned…I did include this picture in my 2nd ever post.

Enough said.


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3 thoughts on “Monday Schmonday.

  1. Is this my sweet, innocent, “I’ve never seen/heard that”, daughter-in-law writing this blog?!?!? I think I have one thing to say, and I quote, “In appropriate” HAHAHA…..just kidding. I hope you feel better, and Dan and I are glad you’ve “coming to the other side” 🙂

    Love ya!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    TMI….lol…jk…Luv U..-Mom!


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