Pretties 2012

Oh yeah baby. The 1,000 pin awards ceremony continues…I’ve got a few more “Pretties” to give out! Today’s going to have an educational twist, so put on your thinking cap!

When I first started Pinterest I was just soaking in all these great ideas for school…and although I still do add to my kinder boards, I’ve kinda ended up pinning more things for me than for the kiddos. Bad, bad teacher. 😉

So without further adeu, here we go!

Category #12: Classroom Chaos

Another hard choice, but I ended up going with “Brownie Points” as a class reward system. It is the best whole-class system I’ve ever found, not to mention that it’s right up my alley since the kids voted to actually earn Little Debbie brownies when they fill up the tray. (*And to all you non-educators out there…this could even work at home!)

Cute idea for keeping track of class compliments.  Each time the class is complimented (in the hall, at specials, etc.), they receive a "brownie."  Once the brownie pan is filled, the class gets a reward.


Category #13: Science

I’m a blossoming Science teacher…learning to love it more and more. I haven’t tried this particular pin, but it wins the “Pretty” because it just loooks fun. What kid doesn’t love to look at the clouds?

Cloud inspector


Category #14: Math

It would appear that I sort of abandoned my math board. Perhaps I will start trying to beef it up in the future. 😛 Regardless, this is an easy activity and great for young ones who are working on counting and adding. The site has a lot of other great ideas too!

Numbers & counting activities...cute and easy


Category #15: Reading

*Love* this next one, and so do my kids…which is why it wins the award! I do the Daily 5 with my kids, and this read to self “time-o-meter” really encouraged them to build up their independent reading stamina. Also great for home use!

stamina meter - adorable!


Category #16: Sight Words

In non-educator lingo, sight words are those little words that show up like crazy in the english language…like a, the, of, and, to, etc. The less time kids have to spend figuring out these words the more brainpower they have to dedicate to decoding other words / comprehension. This sight word game was easy to make and it’s fun.

Word to parents…the more fun you can make practicing things like sight words at home, the better. We work hard at school, so drilling at home will probably equal an unhappy child and parents!

Cute way to work with sight words


Category #17: ABC’s

This one deserves a “Pretty” all the way…so amazing!! You can get this big metal drip tray from the auto dept. at WalMart for just over $10. I have one in my classroom, but just picture how awesome it would be in a toddler’s room!

this is an oil drip pan! can be used like a cork board...


Category #18: Literature Connections

And the “Pretty” goes to…Green Eggs & Ham!!! Last year I actually made my students eat microwaved eggs w/ green food coloring in them. Bahaha. This year they got the pinterest version…pudding & a vanilla wafer. 😉

Green Eggs that kids may actually eat!


Category #19: Beginning of School

Yikes. Again with the abandoning. This wins a “Pretty” by default, but it is a good activity for letter matching / recognition.

 Name Activity. Cute!!


Category #20: Let’s Get Crafty!

This is my newest board, so it’s pretty bare bones. I also forgot to put it on yesterday’s post…my bad. So here it is! The “Pretty” goes to a craft I’d love to try, mostly because I love glitter!

step 1 was to apply good ole Elmers Glue to the key.   Step 2   Shake glitter onto key.  Let dry for a hour.   Repeat steps 1 &2 for the back side of the key  One might ask, how do you keep the glitter from coming off the key?  SEAL it with nail polish top coat sealer!


And that’s all I’ve got for ya…thanks for stopping by!



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