1,000 Pins!

Welcome to the first ever “Pinterest Pretties” awards ceremony, in honor of my 1,000 pin this week! Are you as pumped as I am?! Here’s how this is going to play out:

1. I’ll go through each of my boards (will you click that red x in the corner if I tell you I have 20 boards?) and choose my fav pin to win a “pretty.”

2. I’ll award special “pretties” to those pins I’ve actually turned into reality.

3. I’ll show you which pin was deemed special enough to become the big 1-0-0-0!

Don’t worry, I’ll spread this out over a couple of posts. 😉

<Insert: You should know that deciding on just one pin from every board was RIDICULOUSLY hard and took up WAY too much of my time. I finally had to remind myself that this was not a life and death situation, nor does it really even matter which pin I end up choosing. Whooh.>


Category #1: That’s So Me…

I ended up choosing this pin for the “Pretty” because it captures my love of decorating with color & textures. Teal is my *fav!* and I absolutely love chandeliers…not to mention how great that old phone is!

purple teal and silver living room.


Category #2: Is this thing on?

So, so hard to choose the “Pretty” for this category. Should it be a funny quote? A serious one? One about my husband? Or my family? Or my life philosophy…agh! So I decided to go with this one, because it sums up why I love pinterest. 🙂


Category #3: Hostess with the Mostess

This “Pretty” surprised me. A lot. I have so many lovely party ideas, decorating tips, and themed-food pinned to this board. But in the end, this is what it really comes down to. Being present with the people you are physically with is becoming a lost art, but something the “hostess with the mostess” must always remember!

LOVE this!! a basket w a note that reads "be with the friends who are HERE".


Category #4: Home Sweet Home

There’s nothing (well, almost nothing *wink*) that I love more than snuggling up with a good book. I love everything about this book nook, so no doubt it deserves a “Pretty!”

A closet-turned reading nook.  Awesomesauce.


Category #5: Gift-a-Palooza!

And the “Pretty” goes to…12 pre-paid, pre-wrapped date nights to gift a sweet couple, or newlyweds, with! How awesome is this idea? I love it because it’s fun, it’s unexpected, and dating is something Chris and I still enjoy doing. We’ve got a pretty hot date planned soon…going to JCPenney to check out their new pricing. Oh yeah baby.

12 preplanned, prepaid date nights as a wedding gift.


Category #6: Get In My Belly

Pinterest has really opened up a new world of cooking for me, and I’ve become much more adventurous in the kitchen. <Notice I did not say successful. Ha!> This “Pretty” was particularly difficult because there are so many beautiful foods on this board, but I had to end up giving the award to a recipe that has been a fan favorite everywhere I’ve taken it. Corn casserole! It’s super easy & super yummy…give it a try!

Corn Casserole<br /><br />


Category #7: Holidays A-Z

I really should split this board up into specific seasons or holidays, because right now it’s big and it’s got it all. In the end I decided to give the “Pretty” to a pin that represent what makes up a lot of my board, and what I’ve really enjoyed incorporating into my everyday decorating…seasonal prints!

the autumn kiss


Category #8: Huxley Baby

Several really great pins to choose from on this board…chia pet costumes, mustaches for dogs, funny quotes and cute corgis. In the end I’m giving the “Pretty” to something I really want to get / make for my Hux baby…I think he’d be so handsome with a bowtie!



Category #9: Future Baby Fun

Got some cute baby stuff cookin <on my pin board, silly!> but I decided to give the “Pretty” to an idea that I think is just so darn fun. Baby gender reveals!

Cute idea for a girl/boy reveal


Category #10: Kid-Approved

So many great pins for how to repurpose old furniture into fun playthings for the kiddos…my particular fav, and winner of a “Pretty”, is the card table play house. <Gear up Mrs. Mother-In-Law…this will be a project for you one day!>

this playhouse is made out of a CARD TABLE!! A cute tutorial for a post office and tree stump too! :)


Category #11: Picture Ideas

The last pretty for today goes to a photo prop idea that I would love to try out if given the opportunity…so somebody give me a reason! 😉

photo booth for a party



So there we are…the first 11 “Pretties” down. Only 9 more to go! Tomorrow’s post will be dedicated to all those elementary teachers out there, but momma’s and grandmomma’s and aunts can benefit from my fav pins too…so come on back now, ya hear?!


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    Keep calm and STAY AT SCHOOL!!!!


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