Sheets of Egyptian Cotton

Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na…Sheets of Egyptian Cotton…Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na…

Quick! Name that movie!

<You should know that this could potentially be the only movie quote I ever remember / post on the blog…my husband should be so proud!>

Okay, got the movie in your head yet?

Maybe this quick video will help……or disturb. Either one.


The movie is…”Uptown Girls” with Brittney Murphy.

I had this song in my head all weekend. Lucky me huh?!

We met up with the brotha and went down to my parents for the weekend. It was my first visit back since Christmas, and mom had put the new sheets she got us for Christmas on our bed. And yes, you guessed it, they were egyptian cotton. 🙂

It was a great weekend of relaxing, napping, laughing together, and eating lots of yummy food. Something about going home just feels so comfortable and calming that we usually rest well, and this time was no different. Even Huxley slept more & didn’t act like the crazy pup he usually is.

And of course there was the rain…praise Jesus for the rain!

Since I was pretty much a vegetable all weekend, I don’t have a whole lot of inspiring words for you today. BUT, I do have a pretty tasty recipe that has been tested and approved by my fam…click on the “source” link below to find out what you’ll need to give it a try yourself! Enjoy!


Hope your Monday is a great one…chow!

KEEP CALM & MAKE IT THROUGH THE DAY…SO YOU CAN GO BACK TO BED! <because isn’t that what Monday’s are really all about?>

P.S. – About those sheets? They felt wonderful! 😉

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