Movie Review: According to Me

That last part of that title was kind of redundant. Who else would the movie reviews be by? It is my blog after all…

But I digress.

You guys know that I was super pumped about seeing “The Vow,” especially after reading the book. <If you haven’t seen it yet, then no worries…no true spoiler alerts here!> After seeing it, here’s my official review:

Basically the only correlation between the book and the movie is the fact that there was a car accident (even the details of that are incredibly different) and that she lost all memory of her husband. A few threads running throughout the movie point back to the book, but even those take such a different twist that it’s really just a hint. I guess that’s what they meant by “inspired by true events.”

I’m going to go ahead and put it out there that I think the book is better. But you should also know that I almost always think the book is better. Even so, the plus side to them being basically two totally different stories is that you can enjoy both of them on their own!

So if you are looking for a faith-based, inspiring story of a couple who truly honored the “for better or worse” part of their vows…then go with the book. You’ll be challenged for sure.

If you are looking for a sweet love story with a little heartbreak & tears <both the happy and the sad kind!> with a beautiful actress and a fine lookin’ hunk of an actor…then go with the movie. You may be a little frustrated with the ending though, so be warned! 😉


Got another one for ya. Any fans of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich? I got into the books this past fall when a couple of friends recommended them, and in the time since I’ve read all 18. <They are pretty quick, brainless reads…everything I’m looking for in a during the school year read.>

I must admit that I’m kind of a little embarrassed to say that I’ve read all of these books. Once you figure out the plot, they are pretty much all the same antics. And they can get kinda scandelous. <But not supa’ scandelous. There are far more raunchy reads in the back of a Cosmo magazine. Not that I would know about that either…bahaha!>

Anyway, I found out that my father-in-law reads the series also, so when they were down a few weeks ago I invited him to go to see “One for the Money” with me. It’s based on the first book, and I needed a fellow Stephanie Plum fan to go with me. <Of course we also tagged along the mother-in-law and husband. They were real troopers, especially afterwards when he and I were breaking everything down.>

Here’s our review: Not a bad representation of the book…although I definitely had my doubts in the beginning about the characters. No one was quite as “big” as I thought they should be…some in size, some in personality. The movie ended up combining books one and two, so I’m not sure where they’ll go from here as far as movies go. It was fun to see it all play out on the silver screen. Would you be surprised if I said I liked the books better though? 😉

All that to say, it’s definitely worth redboxing, even if you aren’t familiar with the series.

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And finally, a book recommendation for you…because the first movie is coming out sometime this summer I think. From the previews I think it actually looks pretty right on, but I imagine it will be hard to compete with the descriptive writing of the series.

Maybe you’ve heard of it…the “Hunger Games” trilogy by Suzanne Collins. If you’ve heard about it but haven’t been sure about whether or not you want to read it, then at least give it a try. If you haven’t heard about it…then google it now! I’ll even help you out… I would give you the link to the website, but you might want to check out some of the other reviews and such. 😉

So, so, so good…I didn’t expect to like it nearly as much as I did!

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Agh…why are you still here reading my blog?! Go go go…you’ve gotta read this series!


P.S. – No pressure or anything. *wink*

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One thought on “Movie Review: According to Me

  1. I enjoyed going to the movies with you and Chris. It was a good movie and I think I’m going to read the series. I’ve started the “sample” of the Hunger Games and really like it (even though Dan said that I wouldn’t). We miss you both! Love ya!


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