OWW…Part 2

In case you are scratching your head here and thinking “OWW? What is she talking about?” let me just fill ya in…




I last left this story with R & L stalling on the side of a busy downtown Dallas street while I pulled closed / chained the gate to our parking lot. 😛

We sped off towards our newest destination…a movie theater not far away. I’m not exactly sure how many times we got turned around on this leg of the trip, but it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 3. Or 4. Possibly 5.

And all that lostness would have been worth it, had the theater been showing the movie we wanted to see. Major bummer.

Not ones to give up, we went back to our now not-so-trusty iPhone and searched for the next closest theater. This time we got a little smarter and checked to make sure they were showing the movie & what the next showtime was. Go us!

I don’t remember getting lost a lot on the way to our second theater…but at that point all the lostness was starting to run together. What I do remember is suddenly finding ourselves amidst beautiful, ginormous, mind blowing homes. Mansions is more like it. I mean…wow. It was dark and we were still driving around with our faces glued to the windows and our tongues hanging out.

We ended up in Highland Park in a gorgeous shopping center (if that’s even the word to describe designer boutiques…like freakin’ JIMMY CHOO!) It was lined with trees that were covered from trunk to the tip of every branch with white lights…I really, really wanted a picture of this for you guys, but my phone was dead. 😦 R’s phone was dangerously close to dying also…and since that was our only tool to get back to the hotel conserving battery became of utmost importance!

We bought our tickets, then with about 45 minutes to spare walked around window shopping, turning green with envy, and drinking Starbucks to pep ourselves back up. I won’t even get into the feelings of inadequacy & jealousy I struggled with <I was wearing fake Ugs and a hoodie for pete’s sake!> because I’m over it now. Let’s just say if I had planned on visiting Highland Park I probably would have thought a little more about what I was going to wear. <So superficial, I know. Let me have my moment then we can move on.>

We watched “The Vow,” and it was aight…more on it tomorrow maybe. 😉

It was after midnight before the movie was out, and I started praying that the Lord would lead us back to our hotel before the credits even started rolling. Who’d of thunk it, but we were actually just a few miles from our lovely La Quinta (coming at it from a different direction of course,) and the good Lord led us there with just enough cell phone battery and no lost moments!

I wish I could say that’s where the story ended…but when your hotel is next to a strip club and it’s after midnight, that just isn’t the case. The closer we got to the hotel the crazier the traffic started becoming…it grosses me out just to think about it. Things were so crazy that we actually missed our hotel entrance (yes. had to turn around. again.) and had to go back through that craziness a second time. There were tow trucks pulling off cars like crazy, and that really became our theme for the rest of the night. Since our window faced the parking lot, we got to hear a lot of screaming & obscenities as people either discovered, or in a few cases actually watched, their cars being towed away. Kind of funny if it’s not you! 😛

Our hotel stay was pretty normal otherwise…discovered which items we forgot to pack, talking late into the night, having the alarm go off at 5:30 a.m., housekeeping knocking on the door at 8:00 a.m. Oh wait. Guess those last two aren’t so normal. 😛

Shortly after 9 a.m. we were as up and ready as we were going to be, pointed the car towards home, and drove until we found somewhere we were familiar with to stop for breakfast. We found an IHOP, had a pretty awesome waiter, and I topped off a weekend of big calories with a caramel hot chocolate and nutella crepes.

Yes, you heard me.

Nutella crepes.

When I ordered them the waiter made sure to ask if I was on a diet or not. Needless to say I should be after eating them, but they were so, so good. I wish I had some now. 😉

From there it was straight back to good ol’ MW to prep our Valentine baskets. And after that? I crashed. Slept the evening and night away.

Isn’t that what you would do after a wild weekend with the girls? *wink*


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