One Wild Weekend…Part 1

What happens when you take 3 girls from small town America <okay, semi small town America. I’ve lived in smaller.> and drop them into downtown Dallas?

In short…they get lost, forget that they have to pay for parking, get lost again, miss their concert, get lost again, end up in a part of town way out of their league, get lost again…and basically, have a *fantastic* time together! 😉

I’m going to break this little 24 hour adventure down into two posts, because a lot when down in a short amount of time. I wish I had pictures to back some of this stuff up…but I don’t. 😦 Sad day.

<And, just so that I don’t build this up into something too big and you start getting female images of “The Hangover” in your brain, let me assure you…it’s nothing like that.>


2:ish – L, R, and I meet up at my house, suitcases in tow. There was a brief conversation about whether or not to bring my GPS, but we decided we should be fine with just our iPhones. Famous last words.

4:ish – We arrived at our hotel in Dallas with no problemos, and ended up being a pretty swank La Quinta. Oh yeah. That’s how we roll…

Turns out while the hotel was swank, the area it was in qualified as skank.  As in an establishment called “Beamers” right next to us with no windows & a “VIP” entrance. Think that one through…yuck!

5:ish – After sitting around talking for an hour or so <and watching a bird fly / crash right into our hotel window> we decided we probably should head towards the AA Center to get our tickets for the concert. In hind sight, we probably should have left before rush hour…oops.

I think on this leg of the trip we got turned around 1…2…3…potentially 4 times. But we made it there, and that’s what mattered!

6:ish – Our plan when we got to the AAC was to buy our tickets then find a nearby restaurant within walking distance to grab a bite to eat. Sounds great right? Well, it would have been…but a thousand people or so decided to thwart our plans by lining up hours before the concert started and preventing us from just “grabbing our tickets.” So rude…*wink*.

Then there was the little matter of parking…us country folk forget that in the big city you have to pay to park. 😛 Luckily we found a small lot that didn’t look to scary and only cost $10.

And then my iPhone died. That will be important to remember when we start trying to drive again.

At this point we’ve decided against standing in that long line. Did I mention that it was windy and cold? No thank you…and besides that, there’s no way the AA center could sell out right?

Eating sounded like a much better plan, so we decided to go north…or should it be south? No, North. For sure. Actually, I think it should have been South. Here we go again! It took crossing one intersection 3 or 4 times & asking for directions in a different restaurant to finally get us going in the right direction. We finally found a gourmet TexMex restaurant called “Luna de Noche”…the reviews according to the iPhone said “$$$,” but we were hungry and it sounded good…so we gave it a chance.

After taking a look at the menu we decided to go with drinks & appetizers, so we ordered guacamole (the kind they make at your table), queso, and a sampler platter. All of it was supa’ delicious…we just laughed & talked & ate the evening away.

In the meantime we were getting texts from the friends we were supposed to meet at the concert…”almost here”…”long line”…”do you want us to get your tickets” <we said no; thought we’d be heading that way soon>…”we can’t find 6 seats together”…should’ve been our clue that maybe the AA center could indeed sell out. 😛

As we wrapped up our meal I went to the ladies room & found a delightful hand scrub available for a mini-hand massage. It really felt pretty wonderful, so of course I had to tell the girls & make another trip so that they could try it too. You know how girls are!

If only we could have left on that happy note…instead we left with our wallets quite a bit lighter & a $90 ticket that made our jaws drop! $30 a piece…that’s not bad for appetizers right? 😉

8:ish – Bundled back up & walked a few blocks back to the AA Center. Started saying “Hum…wonder why all those people are walking away?” Oh, well that would be because it turns out that the AA Center not only can sell out, but it did. Boo. Looks like no concert for us. 😛

Unlike some of the other locked-out concert goers, we decided against standing there with our faces pressed against the glass & decided to try and find a nearby movie theater instead. “The Vow” was just released & we couldn’t think of a better girl movie for a girls night out!

We sucessfully found the car, used the handy iPhone to find a nearby theater, R manuevered like a pro to get us out of the tiny parking space, and we’re off! Well, not quite. More like…and, we’re locked in! Oh yes, the gate to our parking lot was shut & chained…but luckily not locked. Never imagined I’d be having to get out and open a gate in downtown Dallas, but I guess being a country girl ended up paying off…


So that’s where I’ll leave this story. Me shutting the gate, the 3 of us about to head off unto the wild yonder with full bellies, one iPhone, and a plan. <If that’s what you could call it… ;)>

What about your weekend? Did you go on any wild adventures?


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