Love on a Budget

Some people think Valentine’s day is such a commercialized holiday. My own husband said he didn’t want to get me anything because everything just felt “so cliche.”

To those people, I say…yeah, I guess it is. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with it, right?!

To my husband, I say…here’s $25. I better get a bouquet of flowers & a box of chocolates. I don’t even care if they come from Wal-Mart. <In his defense, he has since retracted and says he thought of something that he knows I’ll love…so fun right?!>

Valentine’s day is the ideal holiday for me because I *love*love*love* greeting cards. Sending them, receiving them, shopping for them…and now, making them!

This past weekend I went to Target with the husband and the in-laws and parked my buggy in the card aisle. There were so many pretties to choose from…I could hardly make up my mind! At some point in the process (and trust me, buying cards with me is a process) I looked down and realized the pile of cards in my hand was pretty fat. And when I took the time to add it up, I realized I was holding over $50 in Valentine cards.

Womp, womp.

That number just did not jive with our cash-only, detailed budget…so sad. It was hard for me, but I ended up putting all the cards back & decided to go the “make-my-own” route. Not exactly what I wanted, but I’ve never tried it & I like the heart-felt, sentimental touch it will add the the cards I send. I found a packet of Valentine paper w/ a lovely scalloped edge, bought a box of brightly colored cards/envelopes, and picked out coordinating stickers at the scrapbook store.

Grand total = $24…and that’s not totally accurate, because I only used 18 out of 300 cards/envelopes. I see more crafty card making in my future!

Here’s a sneak peek of some of my homemade pretties…

Looking for fun & creative Valentine gifts on a budget? This link has really great ideas for every loved one in your life…add a homemade touch to your gifts this year!

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4 thoughts on “Love on a Budget

  1. I knew you could make fantabulous cards!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Oooooo, which one is mine?????


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