These kids…

are driving me CRAZY!

Case in point: This was what I looked like for the majority of last week.

Pinned Image


I practically had a twitch by the end of the week. I blamed them for my exhaustion, bribed them with markers, and when all else failed….I just joined ’em with a yodel and a yee-haw. <Sadly, that last part is true…hey, come on. It was y week!>

Then, two events happened which behooved me to put away the crazy and pull out a little self-control. The first was a Sunday School lesson on patience…ugh. 😛 <Haha…it was actually a really good lesson. One of those “okay, okay…I hear ya God!” kind of things.>

The second was my formal observation at work. Initially it was planned for yesterday, but due to a series of events I thought it was going to be postponed. <And my boss did actually still give me that option today….> Once she let me know she would be available after all, I decided I could pull it together and just mark that baby off the checklist.

I had a basic framework, nothing I had in mind was too out of the ordinary, and I prepped the kids by letting them know that she would be coming in to watch them. <What? She would no doubt see them while she was in the room. Tomato, tamato.>

Obviously, these little people that I work with have no respect for the PDAS, or “professional development appraisal system.”

In their defense, they could have done worse. At least no one took it upon themself to pet the principal. <Oh yes. I have had that happen before. And it will forevermore be part of my “what not to do while the principal is in the room” speech.>

So yes, she did see some bickering <between the kids, mind you>…a LOT of moving and shaking <not part of the lesson, thank you very much wiggly little children>…and some awesome reading done by a group of 5 and 6 year olds <that I’m still proud of at the end of the day>. 🙂

Now, let’s just see if we can make it through this new week without sending me off my rocker! *wink*


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