Who needs a snuggie? Not this girl…

It’s Friday, Friday…still gotta go to work on Friday. 😛

Womp, womp.

Oh well. Another day, another dollar right?!


We’ve been enjoying a visit with our inlaws this week, so there’s no better time to share a couple of goodies with you that my mother-in-law made for my birthday. She’s uber talented & I always appreciate receiving one of her hand-made creations.

This is the be-a-u-tiful lap quilt she made for me. It’s no secret that if I were a Peanuts character I would be Linus.


I love snugglin’ up with a blanket. I carry one to the playground with me. I keep one within arms reach at the house.

D. knows this, so she made me my own lap quilt in a few of my favorite colors…*love* my wedding colors!

Both sides are so pretty!

I love her choice for the stitching (is that the right terminology?)…very cool!

She also knows that I have a growing collection of aprons, so when they arrived in Texas she surprised me with a new addition!

Isn’t the fabric retro and fun?

So here’s a big ol’ THANK YOU to D. for my lovelies…they’re awesome!


I’m looking forward to the weekend. Aren’t you?! 😉


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One thought on “Who needs a snuggie? Not this girl…

  1. Your snuggie is gorgeous!!!!


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