*Love* Nest

Happy February everyone! I don’t normally decorate my house for Valentine’s Day, beyond a few trinkets here and there. but this year I was just feeling inspired. Blame it on Pinterest I guess…*wink*

I was inspired by my gray, cream, and pink banner color scheme, so I decided to carry that on throughout the living & dining rooms. I think it adds a romantic feel to our little love nest. 🙂

Maybe my fav little area…made the banner & flower ball,  found the doilie & glittery T at Michaels, and printed the sweet “Be Mine” picture from a website I found on Pinterest. <No worries friend, I’ll share them with you tomorrow!>

Why not throw in a cute little cow? Oh, and it’s hard to see, but there’s a big fat diamond in that glass jar. *Love*

I literally scrounged around to decorate…perfume is an appropriate decoration for Valentines day right? 😉

A cow, a flying pig…what will I think of next? *wink*

Tissue paper in a plastic vase…and yet it works!

Even though your eye is immediately drawn to the big busted housewife on tv, please try to ignore her. Focus instead on my cake platter, new vase, and sweet tulips.  (Oh, and the candy in the dishes on the coffee “table.” Hard to see, but it’s kisses and conversation hearts!>

Busted out a big rock <fake of course> to bling up the decor…

 The repurposed table…made the table cloth work, pulled out a pink flower bowl we received as a shower gift & busted out leftover candles from our wedding.

My pinterest flower pomanders! So easy to make…more details to come!

I’m not quite sure if I’m done with these mailboxes yet, but I couldn’t wait to share them with you. So cute right? I made both for $5…thanks to the dollar aisle at Target and good ol’ Dollar Tree! All it took was a little hot glue & love…

 Like I said, it’s more than I normally do…but I was just feeling particularly *lovey* this year. I may just leave everything up all month…


P.S. – Links to all the printables I found coming tomorrow, along with instructions on how to make your very own flower balls!

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