Banner Overload

So yes, I may be taking my banner-making hobby a bit too far.

At one point this month I had up all my winter banners (blue & apple cute!), my birthday banners (all pink & cupcake-y), and a couple of new year banners (dots & stripes). Banner. Overload.

BUT I didn’t let that stop me from making some adorable Valentine banners. 😉 <I did take all the others down…no worries!> The Valentine banners were fun to make because I played with a new shape (hearts, of course!) and folded tissue paper to make little pendants of sorts.

Anyway, today I thought I’d just turn this into picture overload and give you a peek at what I’ve been up to. *Note: I’m no photographer…if any of you want to volunteer to take better pictures of my creations then I will gladly invite you over and serve you tea & crumpets. Or something like that…


Gah I wish these pictures were better. The next set of banners I made for my Mom…”Let it Snow” and “Wish.”

I made these adorable banners for a couple of little cuties…I wish you could see the paper better, because it’s an adorable combo of dots & stripes & crowns & clothes on a line. So sweet!

Next up, my birthday banners. To be pulled out every year from henceforth, for me & all the girls whose birthdays I help celebrate!

And finally, my frilly Valentine banners. The color scheme is: light & dark pink, gray, and baby blue. Really sweet combo! More to come on my *lovely* Valentine decor…*wink*


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