Clumsy is my middle name…

Wanna know why?

*I have a big, ugly bruise on my thigh…and no idea how it got there.

*I shattered a pyrex bowl on my kitchen floor on Friday.

*I walked into a pole <with my head> on Saturday. On a positive note, I did manage to avoid the mud that distracted me in the first place.

*I spilled coffee all over myself in the church parking lot on Sunday.

*I shattered a glass candlestick on aisle 3 of my local Dollar Tree, also on Sunday.

*And I very nearly dropped two cans of pineapple & a crystal bowl on my foot…I was saved by a friend who noticed the bottom of the bag was about to fall out.

Additionally, <although this doesn’t necessarily make me clumsy> I had to pull Huxley out of a mini-dog fight on Saturday during our morning walk. Very stressful situation for all involved.

Besides all that business, I really had a pretty great weekend. 😉

How was yours?



*Weekend Recap*

– Friday: The parents & brotha came in…we hung out, laughed until we cried, and I helped the brother work on a budget.

– Saturday: Shopping in Ft. Worth with Mom = *love* and dinner with the boys at Olive Garden

– Sunday: Church, baby shower for a friend, decorating for Valentine’s Day <more to come!>, and Experiencing God

It was so good to have my family in for the weekend…I love them more than I can express!

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