It’s the only word to describe my weekend.

You are probably going to have to forgive me…this is more of a “dear diary” post than it is anything else. Some days you just wanna remember! 😉


For Christmas my sweet husband had gotten me a gift certificate for a massage (*love*), but he just wasn’t quite sure what to get me for my upcoming birthday. Since he had mentioned several times that if I would rather use the gift certificate for a mani/pedi, I decided…why not do both? 😉

When I called to schedule the massage it worked out perfectly for me to set up a manicure and pedicure shortly afterward, so I did! Then I called Chris and said “Hey babe! Thanks for the birthday present!” Hehehe…gotta go after what you want right? He was relieved to have the gift worked out, and I got just what I wanted, so it was win-win.


I spent Friday evening relaxing and being crafty…I’d been wanting to bust out the modge-podge for a while. Can’t say that my ventures were that successful, but it was fun nonetheless. Pictures to come…

On Saturday morning I woke up early with the dog and had some quiet time to take a walk & straighten up a bit. Chris woke up cheerfully (if you knew my husband you would understand what a big deal the “cheerfully” part is!) and went right to work cooking us a hearty breakfast. (This part was key to the plan for the day, because we knew it would be a late lunch.)

Then I was off for my spa day, ready to be pampered! My massage was up first, and my massage therapist Sarah was just awesome. Very professional, got my background and trouble spots, and created a really relaxing atmosphere.

I’ve only had a few other massages, but they always talk about the “tangle of knots” in my shoulders. I warned her about it, but I don’t know that she was expecting the HUGE knots all in my shoulders and up my neck. She went right to work and it felt so *wonderful*…and parts of it were so painful at the same time. <I mean, she went to town on those knots. I’m still a little sore!>

I snuggled in to the comfy couch in the waiting room and read a great new book <more to come on that later this week!> until it was time for my manicure and pedicure. My nail tech was Leslee, and she was incredible! So sweet and really attentive to detail…she spent 2 hours working on my nails & toenails! Absolutely the best pedicure I’ve had…so relaxing!

After being pampered for 3+ hours I ran home, picked up Chris, and we drove into Ft. Worth to eat at PF Changs. If you’ve never eaten there, let me just say that they never disappoint. Seriously the best food I think I’ve ever eaten…my fav is the mongolian beef. Of course we also had the lettuce wraps, and found that the knock-offs I’ve been making are actually pretty close! Have I shared that recipe yet?

Then it was home for an evening of snuggling in and Redbox. Perfect end to a day of relaxation!

Sunday was filled with rest, church, and catching up with my rockin’ friend K.

Who would want to go back to work after a weekend like that? 😉


P.S. – I’m working on getting Chris to budget in for monthly massages…keep your fingers crossed for me! *wink*

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One thought on “*Gloriousness*

  1. oh man! what a glorious day! you’re a lucky gal.


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