The Great Snow Storm of 2011

Check this out…

my first snowman ever! What a Texas beauty! 😉

This picture made me think back to all the snows I’ve experienced in my life…which hasn’t been many. The husband grew up in MD, so his snow stories far exceed mine…9 ft snow drifts, piles of snow on the playground that took all spring to melt, and so on.

I can’t beat that, but “The Great Snow Storm of 2011” was pretty extreme. Basically it came down to 5 days of being snowed in…no school for me, no work for the husband, and no ability to safely travel any distance at all. The roads had layers after layers of ice, it snowed everyday, and it was so bitterly cold that any desire I had for making a snowman was just gone. As a matter of fact, the one day I stepped outside for a few minutes I was practically blinded by the sunshine on the white snow. Ouch! 😉

Luckily I had recently stocked the pantry <note to self: stock the pantry in case 2012 decides to take a wintery turn> so we had plenty of warm, tasty food to eat. My fav was the taco soup…but Chris swears we ate it for so many meals during that time that I can hardly get him to eat it now.

Entertainment was a little touch and go. We had a new Wii…but only a couple of games. A movie collection…but not a lot of middle ground between slasher flicks and comedic love stories. I did our taxes, our spring cleaning, our laundry, our dishes…I straightened the cabinets & worked out on Wii Fit & read books & slept late. It was both a glorious unexpected vacation and a tragic bore. <Well okay, maybe that’s a little strongly worded. But stuck in the house for 5 days straight? The new tends to wear off..>

Once we could finally venture out, Chris and I decided to go out and let someone else cook for us. I can still remember sitting there, both of us silently chewing and looking around. Chris got a panicked look on his face and said…

“Oh no…we’ve become one of those couples haven’t we? A married couple that has nothing left to say to each other…”

My response?

“Umm…NO! I’ve just spent the last 100+ hours together. I’ve seen everything you’ve eaten, every move you’ve made, every hour you’ve slept, every sneeze you’ve sneezed, EVERY EVERYTHING YOU’VE DONE!!! We have nothing to say because we’ve said everything there is to say at this point!!”

I mean seriously. 😛 In all honestly though, Chris and I loved the unexpected time together…it was like another little honeymoon. 😉 It was hilarious to hear Chris talk about it to people afterwards…he just couldn’t get over “how much he learned about his wife” during that time. He never would go into specifics, even with me…just said it was too scary to repeat to the masses.  I guess something I did made a pretty strong impression!


Chris and I did share a couple of other snow days together before we were married. This post is just triggering all sorts of other memories. 😀 I’ll give you the highlights…

Snow #1 – My first big snow in MW. We had to get the kids out of school & safely delivered before we could leave…and since I lived the closest to the school I was one of the last to leave. I had never driven in the snow before <I was such a sheltered driver…> so I was beyond nervous. I prayed like crazy the whole time, talking to God like He was in the passenger seat. Got to my driveway, breathed a sigh of relief, said Amen…and then got stuck before I could make it all the way up and in. Go figure. Moral to the story: Pray until you turn the car off. Or, better yet, until you are safe and warm in the house!

I called Chris, who was just a friend at that time, to see if his family had a snow shovel I could use to dig myself out. 😛 Luckily the snow melted before it resorted to that…I probably would have called in sick rather than shovel all that snow!

Snow #2 – Perfect snowman weather…this one is most memorable for all the playing Chris and I did in the snow. The pics explain it best…although there’s really no explanation for why my snow-woman looks like a drag queen. 😛

Snow #3 – The “Great Snow Storm”…you’ve already heard about that one!

Snow #4 – Well…that one is still to be seen. I wouldn’t mind cashing in a couple of bad weather days if I could stay snuggled in at home with my man and my puppy!


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