My Baby Brotha

Did you know I was an only a child?

“Was” being the operative award there.

I was born in January of 1985, and for 4 1/2 glorious years I had my parents all to myself.

And then the brother came along. 😛

No…I kid, I kid. I’ve always loved my little brother…even when he outgrew me and could sit on me to hold me down. My parents just flat wouldn’t let us fight <beyond the typical “he’s touching me / he’s on my side of the car / he’s looking at me” kind of thing>, so we’ve always gotten along really well.

I could probably go on and on, but I wouldn’t want his head to get any bigger than it already is. 😛 Let’s just get on with the brotha pictures…


Here we were the Easter before he was born. We lived in a school owned duplex with walls so thin you could hear the neighbor (well, in all truth he probably heard more of us than we did of him!), where my parents got wet if it rained overnight (because it could somehow blow in), and where big water roaches terrorized us. BUT, there was a lot of love & I have a lot of really fun memories from that house.

I was excited about the idea of having a new baby brother, but I was NOT happy about being woken up late one night because “it was time!” I think my exact words were “Can’t he just wait until the morning?!”

For quite a while I pretty much thought he was my own little baby doll. I loved to play with him, dress him up, and I even tried to put him “away” in the toybox. We’ve got quite a few pictures of him sleeping in the toybox, all snuggled in with the stuffed animals!

This next picture is one of my two absolute favorite pictures of him. He was an adorable little boy, with sweet little curls…and in this picture I think he looks like a little old man. 😉 Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!

My parents took us on a lot of family vacations around Texas. This was from one of our trips to Six Flags…and for some reason he does not look very happy. On a fashion alert, I think we were trying to wear every possible color at once. And is that a fanny pack I spy? 😉


Fast forward a couple of years (or maybe a decade. and a half.) to 2007. I graduated from college and C from high school. I think he was a pretty good lookin’ boy…and there was no doubt that his curls drove girls wild. 🙂 That was a big month for my parents…in addition to our graduations, it was their 25th anniversary!

It’s hard to believe that was almost 5 years ago…he’s practically a grown-up now. A college graduate, a workin’ man, living on his own, and about to get his first ever teaching paycheck. (What day is that coming Dad? The 26th?)

I could not be prouder of his accomplishments or of the man he is becoming. He’s more than my brother…he’s my friend, and he means so much to me. I can’t wait to see where life takes him, and I pray that God would just heap blessings on him. Love you brotha!


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2 thoughts on “My Baby Brotha

  1. Baby brothers are the best! Built in playmates that won’t wear your tiaras or play with your dolls….usually!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Ahhhh so sweet! Love the post!


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