it’s mundayyyyyy….

Let’s just get a few things out in the open.

1. It’s Monday.

2. No one really likes Monday.

3. I’ve still got a few pictures in my photo bank.

4. Some of you seemed to get a kick out of my embarrassing pictures.

So if A+B = C, then that can only mean one thing. It’s picture day on keepcalmandloveon! <Actually, it’s kind of going to be picture week. I figured since my birthday is almost here this would be a good opportunity to dig back and share a little bit of who I am and where I came from with you guys…>  Hope these pictures take you back to when you were young and carefree and maybe at least a little awkward.


See, it’s not my fault that I have a thing for crowns…I was practically born ready to wear one!

 Who doesn’t love a kiddie pool?!

Brown-eyed girl

Matching dresses anyone?

Girly-girl at heart…and Mom, why did you cut my hair this way?

Dance till the cows come home!

My first day of Kindergarten…I wish I still took a blanket and pillow with to class everyday!


Every Monday during our morning meeting we always have this exchange…

Me: “How do grownups say Monday?”

Kindergarteners: “it’s mundayyyyyyyyy” <insert sad, sleepy faces>

Me: “How do kindergarteners say Monday?”

Kindergarteners: “IT’S MONDAY! WOO-HOO!” <insert happy, awake faces and cheers>

May your day be full of happiness and cheers!


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