Show some love…

Happy Friday! I’m going to keep it short today…mostly since I posted a long post late yesterday evening and also because I’m a little unprepared and writing this post before six a.m. 😛

Now ya’ll know how much I love Shutterfly. You’d think they were paying me to promote them all the time, but no. Check out my other posts here and here. If you haven’t taken my advice yet and at least signed up to receive their e-mails, then shame on you. 😉 I’ve gotten a lot of great deals already this year, and I plan on cashing in on some of them today!

Last weekend I spent some time working on a couple of new photo books…one was to document Chris’ college graduation. I wish I had known about Shutterfly when I graduated! The other wasn’t planned, but when I saw it advertised on their site I had to give it a go. <Gooooo advertising team!> I think you might be interested also…

It’s a Valentine’s Day photo book that’s all about *love*…it has adorable graphics, beauiful colors, and it is so, so fun. It didn’t take me long to pop in pictures of Chris’ and my almost 4 years together, and I’m planning on adding it to his Valentine’s day giftie! It doesn’t just have to be for husbands or boyfriends…you could make one for your child, your mom, or your BFF.

You’ll love it…so go check it out! Go to and search “Be My Valentine”…it should pop right up!


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