Sweatin’ my buns off…

Oh good gravy.

Well, actually…gravy is probably not in my future anymore.

A couple of my girlfriends and I decided to check out an aerobics/kickboxing/personal assault against every muscle in a person’s body, including, but not limited to: the lungs, thighs, abs, gluttonus maximus, and arms class a couple of nights ago.

For the past year my level of exercise has pretty much been limited to a brief stint on the Wii Fit, a forfeited gym membership, and twice a day walks around the neighborhood with the Huxmeister. I didn’t make any resolutions about health, but it’s a matter of lose a little or buy a new pant wardrobe. <Seriously. I had to hide behind my filing cabinets at school the other day to try and figure out the rubberband trick that pregnant girls use on their pants…and I’m not pregnant!>

So, when word got around that this class was pretty rockin’ and fairly cheap at the local city gym, we decided to give it a try. I was feelin it…until the day actually rolled around.

It was rainy. And cold. And I didn’t get home until about 30 minutes before I had to leave. And did I mention it was cold? And I felt bad about leaving my husband and the dog. And it was rainy. And I had a banner I’m needing to finish. And I haven’t shaved my legs in…a while.

Full of excuses much? But I got over it, put on my leg warmers, <Yes, really. See pic below. My husband couldn’t stop talking about how embarassing they were. I loved them.> and hauled my wanna-be lazy rear up to the gym.

See? They are cute right?!

Anyway, this cute little thing of an instructor didn’t waste any time in kicking. my. caboose. We had free weights. We had some sort of weighted bag that hung over our necks/shoulder. We had an aerobics step. We had a mat. We had…frisbees?! <Writing about what we did with the frisbees feels complicated, so just trust me when I say that it hurt. Like for real.> We went from lifting to aerobics to the frisbees to wall kicks to kick boxing to more lifting to crazy push-ups to laps to I can’t even remember what else. ;P

I was sweating, grunting, and cursing more in my mind than a sweet kindergarten teacher such as myself should be.

I’m going to work on that part. But the grunting stays.

All in all, it was fun <did I mention the music was just right? great beat!> AND killer at the same time. I’m not super coordinated, so it wasn’t anything I’d ever like to show up on youtube or anything, and when I tried out the kickboxing moves on Chris he followed by pinning me on the ground…but I’m just a beginner. I’ll get better right?! 🙂

I’m committing to going to the class at least once a week, but I’m going to shoot for two. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself…maybe I’ll be more likely to stick with it long-term that way. The next night I did yoga, and tonight I’m planning on meeting some friends at the track to walk…then it’s back to the class tomorrow. Not too shabby right? <Don’t let me fool you. I’m super sore. I moan everytime I move. And when I got home from the class I at a sandwich, two bags of chips, an apple, and a handful of mini-marshmallows.>

So that’s that friends. Feel like you want to go work out yet?


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2 thoughts on “Sweatin’ my buns off…

  1. I work out vicariously through you, okay?? I know when Raul gets back it’s going to be a killer! Just saying….

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Oh me, oh my…I know I should…but ah…NO! not today! (But I am seriously proud of you!)


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