A special birthday wish…

Today is a special day…my Pappy’s birthday. Many of you will remember that she (*yes, my Pappy is a she!) passed away this past June, right about the time I started this blog. You can read about what that time was like & a bit about how much she meant to me here, here, and here. I love her, and miss her, so much. More than I even care to talk about right now. 😦

BUT, on a much happier, more hopeful note, I find so much peace in knowing that she is with Jesus right now, this very second. And although I don’t know that her birthday is as big a celebration as the day she came to know the Lord as her personal Savior or the day He came for her, I’m still thinkin’ this first one in heaven must be pretty special. The guest list itself is pretty incredible…her parents, her husband, lots of long lost friends & family members…and all her newfound brothers and sisters in Christ! What a day!

 4 Generations…Pappy is in the white blouse & glasses. Seated next to her is her mother, standing is her daughter (my mom!), and that little screaming baby right there? Yours truly!

 Here I am in a fort my Papa helped me build…he’s been gone since my freshman year in high school. Thank you Jesus that we have a hope and a future in you…I can’t wait to get my arms around this man!

So Happy Birthday Pappy! You are so, so loved…


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2 thoughts on “A special birthday wish…

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Thank you for posting Pappy’s birthday, I had wanted to post about her today, but with the striking of this stomach virus I didn’t. I miss her too.


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