If I only had a brain…

Yoo-hoo! Hello there!

Anybody home?

Hope somebody’s home in your mind, because my brain seems to have gone on a vacation. Even my dog notices. He’s started trying to walk himself.

And on top of all that, I’m having major writer’s block. Ugh. My birthday is coming up, so I’ve got a birthday post or two in the works, but beyond that…I’ve got nothing.

Supa’ frustrating, to say the least.

So if you love me and love (or like, or semi-enjoy) my blog…then for the love of all that is green and good HELP ME!

Comment below with questions, post suggestions, or virtual eggs. <I’ll take the eggs thrown at my comment board as a hint that I should give it up in general! *wink*>

Thanks friends.


<Side note…once I saved the draft of this post a few ideas started coming to me. All is not lost!>

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4 thoughts on “If I only had a brain…

  1. Well, you could blog about how wonderful your mother-in-law is!!! 😉 Don’t forget you DIDN’T get all those crafty things you asked for at Christmas time. So, your birthday IS coming up, and there’s a certain quilt almost done 🙂

    Writing will come to you…hang in there! When it does, we’ll be right here waiting to read! Love ya, girl!

  2. Liz O'Quin

    You can always write about the new exercise plan we’re starting (well, I’m here for morale support for a little while longer!)


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