Hapy New Year Baby!

I’ve heard it said that the way you spend January 1st will set the tone for the new year…

and I’ve decided that I wouldn’t mind if that were to be true.

Today I’ve spent time at church worshipping my Lord & learning more about how He’s calling me to serve Him. I’ve cuddled with my husband and laughed until I snorted. I’ve relaxed with friends, eating and talking and enjoying one another’s company. I’ve snuggled with my puppy and caught up with my family and taken things easy.  I hope that 2012 will be more of the same

No matter what you’ve done today, here’s a prayer and a hope that your 2012 will be filled to the brim with love and laughter!


With a snap and the wink of an eye I transformed my Christmas decor into New Years decor…it was super easy with the silver and gold theme I used in the living room, and a little help from Pinterest of course! 😉 The Christmas tree is coming down tonight, but I think I’ll leave the rest up for a little while…I like the festive feel!

I quick view of the spread for our family New Years Eve party…

Did you know you can buy fortune cookies at Wal-Mart?!

I love using them for decor & having them on hand for dessert when we make fried rice!


Thought I’d try out a new banner style…

 Simple & Easy banner, and I love the look!

I got the clock at the scrapbook store & added the sparkly hands…

If you know much of anything about me, you’ve gotta know that I love crowns!

Pincones, fortune cookies, and fake snow…perfect for winter!

I used the pieces from my serving set (thanks to my mother-in-law for adding this cake pedestal and bowl to the collection) as decor…I think it’s a fun way to get use out of them from day to day.


January 2nd will be here in one sleep, and we all know how fast a year can fly by from there. Make 2012 count!


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One thought on “Hapy New Year Baby!

  1. Lovely! Happy New Year!


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