Mission Impossible: Christmas Edition

Chris and I haven’t had too much difficulty merging our two lives into one. Oh sure, there were the initial frustrations over the toothpaste tube (he’s since given up that  particular fight), how to load the dishwasher (now the line of thought is “who cares?!” so long as it gets done!), and proper shirt folding techniques. (Who knew there were so many different ways to fold shirts and towels?!) For the most part we’ve learned to be gracious, to pick our battles, and to compromise for the sake of a happy home.

But holidays? Now those seem to be a totally different matter. Both of us are very close with our families, both our families have very ingrained sets of holiday traditions, and both of us seem to struggle finding that point of compromise between the two. As a child you think everyone in the whole big wide world just MUST do Christmas the same way you do…but as a married couple you realize that you’d be hard pressed to find even two families who do Christmas the exact same way, and more often than not the holiday expectations between two people are going to be very different. It can definitely start to feel like “Mission Impossible.”

So, as each holiday presents itself, we try to navigate the waters carefully (although I must admit, sometimes we go lumbering through, so bent on having it our way that we become blind to the hurt it is causing the other) and find a way that can make both of us happy. As we continue to establish our own family, and one day have children, I’m sure we will continue  to merge our idea of Christmas until it no longer feels like “his” and “hers” and just feels like “ours.”

This Christmas we will be spending Christmas day itself with the Thompson family, but for the last several Chris has spent it with my fam. To try and make him feel more at home, we started incorporating some of his family traditions into ours…and I want to share one of those with you today.

What you’ll need:

– a gift (I chose a gift card for my family, Chris’ usually does a board game they can play together afterwards…you would just want to think about what would work best for YOUR family!)

– boxes, wrapping, chains, duct tape, whatever else you can scrounge up

– a die

How to get ready:

Wrap that gift….and be creative! You want to use multiple boxes, lots of paper and most importantly, lots of obstacles (think duct tape, chains, ribbon, etc.). The name of the game is making it as difficult as possible to get to that gift…it truly is mission impossible!

How to play:

Gather the fam and sit in a circle. The first person (A) will start to try and unwrap the present, while the next person (B)  in line starts rolling the die. As soon as that person rolls a “6,” then the game shifts. Now (B) starts trying to unwrap while the next person (C) in line starts rolling, still looking for that “6.” Everytime a 6 is rolled the gift and die shift down one person.

Whoever is able to fully unwrap the gift is the winner, and  he/she gets to keep the gift as the prize!

It is fast, wild & wooly, and full of laughter…definitely not for the faint of heart. 🙂


Here’s a sneak peek at our Mission Impossible game wrapping…

Wrap …it looks so easy Wrapped again, then with clear tape all the way around…decieving & difficult!

Tissue paper, in a ziploc baggie, wrapped with clear tape…

Placed in a bigger box w/ baggies…

Wrap the bigger box…

Wrap string around the box, place in a larger box, stuff with newspaper…

Masking tape it up…

The final product…

Whether you play the game this year or not, I hope your Christmas is far from impossible…and that you find plenty of reasons to celebrate the joy of the season with your friends and family.

Merry Christmas!


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5 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: Christmas Edition

  1. Okay, so you got to admit that this is a great game! We’ve got the Gamblin family playing too!

  2. Mary Book

    Charles and I both come from BIG families and Christmas always seems so fun and full of life even if you don’t exchange gifts. We only have 2 sons and when we have Christmas and exchange gifts it seems like it is over before it gets started. This game sounds like a blast! I think it would help liven up our little Christmas. I hope that I remember it for next year. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Visiting your page from Mama Kat’s recent Writers Workshop! I have four kiddos and many nieces and nephews (all similar in age) I think that they would really love this game! Thanks for the great idea! We also have a big family that always congregates at my house for Christmas, I think an adult gift and a kids gift (for the kids a little easier) are going to definitely be incorporated this year!

    • Ya’ll will love it…half the fun is in finding crazy ways to wrap it! (Another version I’ve played has players wearing oven mitts…makes it even harder!)


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