Sweet Christmas Memories

For as long as I can remember, my Mom has been gifting my brother and myself with a new ornament every year that signifies a big occasion or accomplishment from the year. Add 25 or so years of ornaments with all those I’ve collected along the way myself or made at school, and it equals a pretty big ornament collection. So many of them have such sweet memories, and as I get them out each year they take me back to the memorable moments in life. It’s good stuff for sure. 🙂

When I was but a wee middle-schooler, my Mom came up with a great alternative for displaying our ornament collections. She hung a garland over each of our bedroom doors’ and we placed our ornaments there for the Christmas season. (*She even submitted this idea to a magazine, along with a picture of me & my decorated garland, and it appeared in their holiday issue! I’m practically famous!! *wink*)

I don’t have a picture of this years’ ornament, but it is a ceramic circle with an adorable corgi painted on it. Perfect! It’s at home on my Christmas tree, but no worries…I have pics of my garland at the parents house.

My “New Home” ornament, for the year we moved into the house we built.

 My “Texas Capitol” ornament from the girls trip mom & I took to Austin & my “Straight A Student” ornament from 1995.

Tarleton State Baby! (*I don’t have pics, but interestingly enough both of the schools I’ve worked at have had ornaments also, so those are represented as well!)

Girls trip to Vegas!

Remember my Chiquita Banana Lady costume? Mom found the perfect ornament for me that year!

 High School Sr. Cruise ornament

I love what this Christmas tradition means to me, and I look forward to the day I can start it with my own family!


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