Scarves…they’re all the rage!

There are many, many things that I love at this time of year.

My new winter pants.

Hot chocolate & marshmallows.

Christmas lights on the house.

And scarves! And my scarf tree!

Today I decided to do a little scarf fashion show for you…maybe it will give you a few ideas on how to wear a scarf you already own, OR the inspiration to go pick up a new pretty for yourself!

But first, the Christmas pants.

They have little dogs wearing sweaters & antlers all over them.

Very chic right?

Now…onto the scarves! You’ll notice that my head was strategically left out of the pictures. Even though my husband kept saying “Oh, so pretty” while he helped me with the pics, I felt like I needed to save you guys from what I look like after a humid day in Kindergarten.

I got this one at Wal-Mart last season, but I saw this style at a store just the other day. The added ruffle makes it a great scarf to wear to work, church, or on a hot date…dresses it up a little, ya know?!


 Another variation of the ruffled scarf, but this one is crocheted w/ several different layers. (Is crocheted the right word? I don’t know for sure…) Anyway, I always get a lot of compliments on it, and it really is very warm when you wrap it up around you!


Now this is a scarf that people really love…great color, big buttons, super warm. <I literally had a male worker in Home Depot stop me once to ask me where I got this scarf…interestingly enough the answer was a hospital gift shop!>

But wait for it…there’s more…

Get cold? You can wrap it around you like a shawl and button that baby up! Pretty sweet right?!


I found this beauty at Bath & Body Works one year…it would seem that I find scarves in some pretty random places. What I love about it are the fun little tassles and the pockets on the end…perfect for carrying a cell-phone!


 This is not a scarf that I wear particularly often…it’s very long so it has to wrap around several times or else I get tangled in it! Usually I repurpose it for the home…

In my old apartment I draped it over the french doors leading into the dining room…dual purpose! 🙂


A teacher friend of mine was making/selling these last year. Sadly one of my little rosettes fell off, but I love the size and think that these would be so easy to make. Great Christmas gift idea for all you crafters out there!


The next scarf/wrap/shawl is gray with silver sequins. I got it at Rue 21 a couple of months ago, so if you’re diggin’ it you could probably still get your hands on one. I’m still kind of figuring it out…well, just look, you’ll see.

 This is prob my favorite way to wear this scarf…I like the way it looks with the jacket, and thanks to the straps on the shoulders I can hook it through and it won’t fall off…

There’s the side view…<does anyone else notice how vein-y my hands are? Weird…>

 Without the jacket, tied up like a wrap….

And the back view…love that sparkle!


And now, for your own scarf-wearing pleasure, I will provide a demo on a new way to tie your scarves!

A sweet friend of mine had hers tied this way at church a couple of Sundays ago, and <sshhhh, don’t tell!> I spent more than a few minutes concentrating on figuring out how she had tied it. When I finally figured it out & tried it myself, several of my own coworkers wanted to know how to do it as well. So, I thought I’d pass it along to you guys as well! Give it a try!

1. Take a long scarf (this one is made of a really thin material, more for dress than warmth) and double it over.

2. Place it behind your neck…

3. Pull one of the loose ends through the “noose” <for total lack of a better word>

 4. Take the second loose end and pull it around and through.

5. Tighten it up a little and *voila!* a braided scarf that lays flat and doesn’t strangle you! I wore it like this at work the other day and it didn’t bother me at all…

And now you too can wear your scarves this way!


Hope you enjoyed the fashion show…I won’t tell your husband if you go shopping and pick up a few new scarves! 😉


P.S. – “Scarf tree?!” you ask…well wonder no more…

It’s this adorable little coat/purse rack that I found at a garage sale several years back…perfect for my scarves! <Assuming, of course, that Huxley doesn’t eat all of them. *wink!*>


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3 thoughts on “Scarves…they’re all the rage!

  1. I think the term is not crochet, but knitted. I’ll know better once I’m there. Only one more sleep!

  2. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Lovely, and so Heather…I especially like the orange one…:d

  3. Fun! I never even considered putting a hat tree anywhere but the entry way! You’re a Genius!


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