His Banner over Me is Love!

I’ve definitely got a new hobby these days…banner making! You’ve seen some of the holiday banners I’ve made, but today I’ve got a couple of new ones to share. I even recieved my first “order” at a family Christmas party this past weekend!

Remember this one? My advent calendar? I still love all the colors & patterns & textures! 🙂

This one was very easy…found it for free online, printed on cardstock, and ran a ribbon through it!

I know you’ve already seen these next 3…so forgive me. I had to include them again because I think they are so pretty!

I even accessorize my bookshelf with banners!! 🙂

Here’s a new one for ya…”Wish!” It’s part of a snow-themed set, and I wish the picture had turned out a little better. The snowflakes are brown cardstock and the letters a beautiful shimmery silver topped with silver glitter “snow.”

I made this set for a family Christmas party & my great-aunt H stole them away during the gift swap. I’m so happy she got them & I hope she’ll enjoy them this winter!

“Let it…”


My Mom oohhed and aahhed over my Advent banner so much that I knew I just had to make her one. She went with an “old fashioned Christmas” theme, so I made the banner match accordingly.

This one probably stressed me out the most in the creation process, because I wanted it to be perfect. I used glitter to make the circles behind the letters look like ornaments, the letters are a gorgeous gold glitter, and I love the addition of the mistletoe between the letters. I think it’s pretty “Merry!”

I also tried something new with the “Christmas” by adding little decals between each flag of the banner…I like the look it gave overall.

Here’s the finished product & combo hanging on Mom & Dad’s wall…*sigh of relief that she loved it!*

Agh…I just couldn’t get a great picture of this. Anyone have photography tips for me?!

I think I showed you this one also…my “Happy Birthday” banner to keep & display on birthdays. Or on boy birthdays. I’m kind of thinking I want to make a girly one with cupcakes for girl birthdays. 😉

I also made one that matches this and says “Congrats!” to hang for Chris’ graduation & other big affairs.

 And finally, my yellow & gray banner w/ our name on it. I made it for our family pics, and now it is gracing the walls of our laundry room. It brings a ray of sunshine to a room that doesn’t exactly make me smile…

 Next up on my banner making list of to-do’s…

*Bright pastels for a couple of sweet little girls rooms (my first order!)

*Happy New Year!

*Girly Birthday

*More winter banners…after the first set I made Mom & I both decided we needed a set!

Looks like my Christmas break will be spent crafting! <And my Spring break…and my summer break…I can’t stop until all the holidays are bannerfied!>


P.S. – Wanna make a banner yourself? It’s super easy…I made all of these using pretty scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, ribbon, a hole punch, and glitter! Since I don’t have a fancy cricut, I printed the letters off on my printer & cut those baby’s out. You can do it!

Or, if you just don’t wanna, you can get in touch with me about making you a banner. 🙂 keepcalmandloveon@hotmail.com

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One thought on “His Banner over Me is Love!

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    I do absolutly love my Merry Christmas banner. You have such an eye for coordinating the paper and colors…I think you could make some of those and I could like sell them in our workroom, since you have so much free time. jk Seriously, are they expensive to make, cuz they are so beautiful…I really do think you could see them! Love ya!


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