This is K.

Kim Keely

Hi K.

She is practically my oldest friend. That I keep in touch with anyway. We’ve been friends since the 6th grade, were besties all through high school, and have conquered a lot of lifes big moments (good and bad) together in the years since. College, first jobs, moves, boyfriends…lots of history with this girl.

Our schedules make it hard to coordinate very often, but we always make a point to get together around the holidays to go on a fun Christmas outing. Last year we went and saw “The Grinch” musical…it was FABulous!

This year we decided to head up to the Gaylord Texan to check out the ICE! exhibit. That’s what I WAS doing last Monday. This Monday I’m at work. Blah. But back to the happiness…


I drove up to Dallas on Sunday with hot chocolate in my travel mug & Christmas music blaring from my cd player. With the help of Ken, my australian GPS guide, I made it all the way there without any problems / lostness…which is a super big accomplishment for me! We went to the evening service at her church, at with some of her friends (I only told a couple of embarassing high school stories about her…), and spent the rest of the evening with cookies & wine glasses, nail polish & reality television. Always love a girls night!

She and her amazingly chill dog Muffin were exceptional hostesses, and she even surprised me with a few little Christmas goodies! Don’t you just love the bag?!

I’ve already made great use of the post-it notes…I stuck several all over Caleb’s door on the day of his first job interview last week!

Monday was met with cold, wet weather…and snow at home in m-dub! Check out the pic the husband sent me that morning…

K and I bundled up, she made sure I got my mandatory Starbucks fix, and in a more than questionable move she put me in charge as the navigator. Normally she’s such a smart girl…*tsk*tsk*. Despite my lack of help, we made it there without too much trouble.

If you’ve never been to the Gaylord Texan, you really should check it out. It is beautiful anytime of the year, but especially right now. See for yourself…

*Santa’s Throne!*

*This tree was HUGE, and so pretty!*  

*All the reindeer were dressed up as different characters…this was Dancer!*

*Beautiful poinsettia fountain…love that Texas flag in the background!*

*Everything is on a grand scale at the Gaylord!*

*My fav reindeer…Cupid!*

*A giant, life-size Gingerbread house…it smelled so sweet!*

*Kind of hard to read, but it lists all the ingrediants…that’s a lot of sweetness!*

Then it was off to the ICE! exhibit. 🙂 Luckily for us it was a Monday morning…so there were no lines & no crowds. <And having a connection helps…just sayin! *wink*> They describe the conditions inside the exhibit as “Christmas morning on the North Pole” and it stays at about 9 degrees…brrrr!

We bundled up & set off on our “Shrek the Halls” adventure…if you want a more accurate experience while you view these pictures you should probably find a walk-in meat freezer. 😉



  *The ice slides were so fun!*

Afterwards we set off for lunch & then it was time to head home and get ready for a work week. 😛 Always love my outings with you K!


Want more information about “Shrek the Halls“? You know you do…


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2 thoughts on “ICE!

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Most friends are for a season. Those who are “life long” friends…now they are among life’s absolute blessings! Sounds like a wonderful time!!!

  2. Alexis

    I live so close but have never been!!! Great use of a “sick day” 🙂


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