The Elephant in the Room

After yesterday’s post on gifting, which wrapped up with a sweet “white elephant” gift idea, I decided to roll with it and follow-up with a post dedicated to the said elephant. Perfect for the “Ugly Sweater / White Elephant Party” you are sure to be attending {or, better yet, HOSTING!} this Christmas season. I don’t have one lined up as of now, but there’s still time. Best to be prepared just in case.

1. One word. Ch-ch-ch-CHIA! <I actually kind of want a chia pet for real.>

2. Bridesmaid Dress…usually easy to find at Goodwill…or my closet. <And no, I’m not knocking any of the brides who’s weddings I’ve been in. I mean I have a habit of buying ugly bridesmaid dresses at Goodwill. It’s just this thing I do.>

3. Set of batteries with a tag that says “Toys Not Included”

4. Bag of snowman poop…aka marshmallows! <Would it be wrong to go spread marshmallows on someones yard and leave a note blaming the reindeer? ‘Cause I kind of want to do that this year…hehe!>

5. A reindeer outfit…for a car. You’ve seen it right? The antlers & red nose? I actually saw a set at Dollar Tree! <No, I did not get it. Yes, I did seriously consider it.>

6. Jar of pigs feet. Apparently you can get them at Wal-Mart. <I’m more than a little disturbed by this one.>

7. Copier paper & a fake $1000 bill. <Hey, it is a recession after all!>

8. Adult footie pajamas <Sorry if you truly own a pair of those yourself. They would make a great gag gift.>

9. Fake fireplace dvd <I may or may not have several of these wrapped and under my tree to give this year. Will you be on the receiving end? One can only hope… ;)>

10. An ugly Christmas sweater <Unless, of course, you are supposed to wear the ugly sweater to the party.>

{Again, so sorry if you actually own/wear one of these in real life.}

Got any crazy white elephant ideas? Leave a comment & share the fun!


P.S. – For those of you looking to laugh out loud, go to google, click “images,” and type in “ugly christmas sweater.” I laughed so hard I snorted!

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