Gifts on the Go

So this past weekend I had to go grocery shopping. Since I couldn’t muster the strength to drive the 3 minutes to Wal-Mart, I opted for a 23 minute ride to Target. You know how it goes.

Anyway, it. was. craziness. Target is in a large shopping center…and the entire parking lot was packed. People were everywhere. Drivers were forgetting all rules of etiquette and traffic safety and holiday good tidings. And it was raining. Seriously raining. The entire time I was there.

Nothing was going to stop these people from their Christmas shopping. I was lucky to even get a cart…there were less than 10 when I walked through the door. Craziness I say!

{I am proud to say that I stuck to my list and didn’t get sucked in to random gift buying…or personal buying.}

Needless to say, I was inspired by the craziness to share with you guys and gals a few quick, simple, and fun gift ideas. Maybe it’ll give you a break from the stores, and who knows…you could actually have a good time getting your gifts together! {Did I forget to mention that no one looked very happy to be Christmas shopping? I almost got ran over like 3 times!}

{These gifts are all Santa approved.}

microwave popcorn and gloves

{Made with a microwaveable popcorn bag & a mitten! “Snow” fun!}

Decorate the plate to give away cookies! Now you don't have to worry about getting your cookie plate back :)

{I’ve already done this one…it’s quick & easy! Perfect when you don’t want to leave a plate behind!}

Christmas Coal - Rice crispy treats with black food coloring. LOVE!

{Lumps of coal…I can’t wait to try this one. What a fun stocking stuffer!}

bake brownies right in the cookie cutters

{Bake the brownies right in the cookie cutters, then suprise a friend with a sweet treat!}

cute idea for the holidays

{Coffee/Hot Chocolate stirrers…look delicious! I’ve added this one to my list of to-do’s…I better get busy!}

Snowman Kisses

{Snowman Kisses…if you are feeling nice..}

Grinch Pills using green tic tacs

{Grinch Pills…if you are feeling naughty!}

We WHISK you a Merry KISSmas. CUTE

{We WHISK you a Merry Christmas!}

Ask The Barista for a clean cup and lid. Stuff with brown and white tissue. Slide Starbucks gift card inside :)

{For the coffee lover in your life…wrap up a gift card!}

{We WASH you a Merry Christmas!}

If you are into theme-y gifts (aka gift baskets) as much as I am, then you really, really, REALLY need to click on that last link. Here it is again. You really need to click here!

She’s got pics, lists of what to include in the basket, and printable labels/notes to include with the basket. This one really made me laugh…I’m thinking it would make a fun yet useful “white elephant” gift.

The “Junk Drawer” Basket!

 Something for everyone on your list right?! Gifting doesn’t have to be expensive, and who doesn’t love a whitty “play on words” inspired gift? 😉


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