Happy Birthday Mr. Husband…

Today is my dear, sweet, silly husband’s birthday. He’s 29.

I’m not sure if men are typically “forever 29″…but I feel like mine will try to be. He’s been worried about 30 ever since I met him. 😛

The celebration will be pretty low-key this weekend, mostly because *SSSHHHHHHH* I’m planning a surprise birthday/graduation party for him in a few weeks. That’s when we’ll really let the party animals loose!

<Bahaha…that’s only funny because we’re having the party at an old-fashioned ice-cream parlor and serving ice cream sundaes. Far from wild and wooly!>

So, even though you don’t read my blog, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUSBAND! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU!


On another note, I’m mailing my Christmas cards today…they are all signed, sealed, addressed, and stamped. Ready to travel the country to friends and family! (Well, travel the country for Chris’ family…for my family they’ll basically only have to travel one COUNTY!)

I’m also mailing Chris’ graduation invitations…no more night school! Woo-hoo! He’ll be the first one in his family to have his bachelor’s degree, and we are all so proud of him!

Check out the little book I made out of the cards we received last year…

 It’s so simple! Just punch holes in the cards & tie together with festive ribbon. Easy to store & save from year to year…I’m already looking forward to the cards we’ll get in the mail this year & the chance to make another card book. <Call me a dork. I just LOVE greeting cards!> My mom has always saved her Christmas cards and we love to pull them out each year to remember old friends, look at old family pictures, and reminsce about holidays past. I’m happy to start the tradition with my own family!


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One thought on “Happy Birthday Mr. Husband…

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Love the Christmas card idea…I havent brought my large container of Christmas cards from storage this year…that is an an entire evenings activity!!


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