Pinterest Wishlist

Dear Santa,

Hello again! It’s your good friend H…a faithful fan of yours for going on 27 years now. Remember me? Yes, that’s right. The one who fought with the people at her JUNIOR HIGH lunch table trying to prove that you are, indeed, real. <True story.>

Anyway, I have been really very, very good this year. I mean, what Kindergarten teacher isn’t very, very good?! Kindergarten teachers are practically saints! <Or so I’m told.> I also have been a quite lovely wife…but you can just take my word on that…don’t worry about asking my husband. I can’t speak to how nice or naughty he has been this year…just remember that you can’t hold me accountable for his actions. The whole naughty/nice thing doesn’t work that way. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that though…

I feel like my wish list this year is a pretty direct reflection of my level of overall goodness. Of course, this is just my Pinterest wishlist…I’ll just tell you the other things I want when I visit you at the mall in a few weeks. If I feel a little heavier to you than I did last year, then all I can say is DON’T JUDGE ME. You know how it goes. (By the way, I’ll see you at our Cookie-holics Anonymous meeting just after the New Year.)

Because I like to be helpful, I’ve included links to each of the Pinterest jewels I’m hoping you’ll be bringing me…I’m sure you’ve got at least an elf or two in your tech department that are familiar with internet shopping. Sorry I didn’t get this to you in time for Cyber Monday. 😦

Nice talking with you again…tell the Mrs. I said “Hola!”

Love, H

DrinKlip. Cool idea.


red rainboots with a bow. love.


How chic is this vintage-inspired diaper bag! Beautiful & Functional, yes please!

<Cosmopolitan Carryall>

iPhone 4 3D Pearl Flower Shell Cover $54

<Pearl Flower Shell Cover>


<Laptop Cover>



Mug & Cookie Pocket.

<Hot Chocolate Mug>

Platinum Promise Gloves

<Platinum Promise Gloves>

Seven Year Pen by seltzergoods: Lots of fun! Made in Switzerland. Eco-friendly with a 7-Year Ink Supply. Find them here in a variety of colors and designs  $7.50 ea. #Pens #7_Year_Pen #seltzergoods

<Sweet Pens>

Oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tiffany Sunglasses

<Tiffany Sunglasses>

<Diamond Shaker Necklace…only $3,000>


<Bowtie Dog Collar>


<Coffee Holder Umbrella>

Lulu Guinness birdcage umbrella. I want.

<Birdcage Umbrella>



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One thought on “Pinterest Wishlist

  1. Okay, sweet daughter-in-law of mine. How in the world am I going to get all of that “made” by December 16th???? 🙂


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