Mistletoe Date Night

You may remember that Chris and I participated in a “10 Great Dates” study through our church. I shared some of our dates with you, some of the topics we discussed, etc…but I haven’t mentioned it in a while. It kind of fizzled out after a while…

But boy do I have a hot date to share with you today!

<Bahaha…I just like saying “hot date.” Don’t worry Moms…on the Scoville pepper scale it would be like a bell pepper in hotness. However, if there was a scale for sweetness it would be through the roof!>

On Saturday after I finished up decorating the house for Christmas & all that jazz the husby and I sort of “ran into each other” in the kitchen, both wanting to do something together but not sure what. We’ve been budgeting some date money (about $20 every two weeks which we can either spend or save for a bigger date) so we knew we had a little to work with. We tossed around going to see a movie or renting from Redbox, but nothing was catching our attention.

Before long we found ourselves at Wal-Mart walking around (because that’s what you do in a small-ish town when you don’t know where else to go) discussing our Christmas wishlists’ with one another. Mine consisted of the new Maroon 5 CD…his of a machete, tomahawk, binoculars, swiss army knife-thing-a-ma-jig, shooting gloves & gun cleaning kit. I recommended that he add a first aid kit to his list. 😛

Since we love board games, we ended up in that aisle and decided that would be a great way to spend our date money. Chris had been wanting to try out the game “Would You Rather?” (*Note to self: The card game is $5.97, the board game is $25.95…go card game all the way baby!) With money to spare we hit up the Wii aisle and found a “Carnival” game for $19.99. Over budget, I know…I had a few other things to pick up though so we just absorbed that extra 6 dolla’s.

But enough of the nuts and bolts…here’s how the date went down:

– When we got home I turned on our Christmas lights, lit the candles, and put the fireplace DVD in player. Oh yeah. That’s how we roll. Virtual fireplace to add to the ambiance. 😉

– I cooked dinner (baked potato pizza…comment if you want the recipe & I’ll be happy to share!) while Chris read the “Would You Rather?” questions. The game is very simple – you just have to answer the questions…but “neither” is not a choice! An example of a question might be…”Would you rather lick someone’s armpit or have someone lick your armpit?” As you can guess, the questions led to an evening of quite interesting conversation!

– Once dinner was ready we popped open a bottle of sparkling red grape juice (oh lala right?!) and sat down at the table to eat together. I drank mine from a wine glass of course…I should have taken a picture because it all looked so tasty!

– After dinner we relaxed for a bit, then reconvened in the kitchen so that Chris could bake us homemade chocolate chip cookies. He’s into that right now, and he makes a mean chocolate chip cookie…so I wasn’t complaining! Plus the smell of cookies just added to the cozyness of our evening at home!

– While cookies were cooling we played with the puppy and fired up the Wii to try out our new Carnival game. I’d definitely recommend it to families…it’s just old school carnival games!

– Then we wrapped up the evening by stuffing our faces with cookies while watching a riveting episode of “Cheaters.” Quality entertainment.

Always love that Joey Greco.

And that’s about it really…but I just genuinely had a nice time. 😀 We relaxed, talked, laughed, played, stuffed our faces, tickled our puppy, and snuggled up next to one another. It was glorious!  I’m hoping this month is full of mistletoe magic and fun…and to help ensure that it is I’ve got a little plan up my sleeve…



P.S. – I’d rather have my armpit licked, even though I’d scream & squirm & do a little grossed-out dance afterwards. I don’t think I’d care for the taste of BO or deodorant in my mouth if I were to do the licking myself.

Which would YOU rather do?!

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2 thoughts on “Mistletoe Date Night

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    I’m tickleish (sp?) there so I’d hate being licked…but couldn’t go the other way around! That game sounds fun…how about bringing it for after our Christmas eve eve dinner? Sounds like a perfect evening.

  2. Ooohhh yes! It would def be fun!


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