Silver & Gold

Well hello there! I see you survived Turkey Day (and maybe even a little Black Friday shopping?) I thought today I’d give you a little sneak peek at one of my post-Christmas bargains from last year…our bea-u-tiful Christmas tree!

We got it at Home Depot for a little over a hundred dollars…it was the display and we were in a fierce race to claim it before the little old lady that kept eyeing it snatched it out from under us. Once we did claim it as ours there was the added drama of figured out how to store it (the box was long gone and the pieces were WAY to big for anything we could find…eventually we settled on a Christmas tree bag & a big bin), how to get it home (it wouldn’t fit in our car…Mom and Dad had to come get it), and how to get it to MW. Whew.

But I was so, so pleased when I pulled it out this past weekend and got it all set up. The 3 pieces were very easy to assemble, the lights lit right up, and the shape/size is just gorgeous! Don’t get me wrong, I loved our little 6 ft. tree from last year…but this 9 ft. beauty knocks my socks off!


Speaking of last year…how would you like to see a few pics of our first married Christmas tree? My mom had the idea of using our wedding colors on the tree, which I loved, so it was made using the peacock feathers and ribbon from our big day. It was lovely, and very sentimental!


This year I was feeling inspired by the song “Silver and Gold” from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You know the one…sing along in your head…”Silver and gold, silver and gold, means so much more when I see…Silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree!” (And in case you are really feeling in a festive mood, you can click on this link to watch the song on YouTube!)

It took quite a while for me to decorate the tree, which included an un-planned trip to Wal-Mart for gold tulle. In the end I am so happy with how it turned out, even if it is a quite grown-up fancy tree. 😉 Here’s a few pics for you to enjoy!

Our San Antonio ornament from our anniversary vacation!

Our “Clark Gardens” ornament from the place we got engaged!


This precious little box holds a book full of memories from our first married Christmas…can’t wait to open & read it!


So pretty, don’t you think? What theme are you using on your Christmas tree?

Before I let you go, I’ll share one more special reason for the silver & gold theme of my tree…it is the reason for the season after all!

Silver and Gold

By: Kirk Franklin

 Silver and gold Silver and gold I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold

No fame or fortune Nor riches untold

I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold Don’t give me a mansion on top of the hill

Don’t give me the world with a shallow thrill But just give me a saviour

My life He can hold I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold

I woke up this morning Feeling kind of down I called on my best friend

She could not be found But I called on Jesus My life He can hold

I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold

For unto us a child is born A son is given I’d rather have Jesus

What profits a man to gain the whole world and loose His soul

I’d rather have Jesus For there’s no other name given under heaven

Whereby we must be saved I’d rather have Jesus He’s the only one that can save you

I’d rather have Jesus than siver and gold 


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One thought on “Silver & Gold

  1. Re'Genna Gamblin

    Absolutly beautiful. Mine turned out pretty, traditonal and colorful. I’ve moved very slowly today, this cold still bringing me down. I’ve about got the mantel done too though.


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