Blooper Reel!

Earlier this week you got a look at my “brag book” of family pictures. I’m sure by looking at them you thought “Wow, that family has it all together!” or “I hope when I grow up my family is like that!”

Oh you didn’t? That was just me thinking that?!

I thought that family looked great…but I must admit, it wasn’t the whole picture.

Here’s what you are much more likely to encounter if you stop by for a visit with us…welcome to the blooper reel!

Why Chris, what an awesome hair-do you’ve got goin’ on! Love that fountain look!

Monopoloy in the park…I’ll let you guess who was winning. 😉

Our rocker pose…Hux wasn’t feeling it I guess!

Chris’ kissy face makes me think of a quote I saw on pinterest…

“They say you are what you eat. That’s funny, because I don’t remember eating any sexy beasts lately!”

Rollar Coaster snapshot!

You saw the happy, smiling pictures in the last post. This is much closer to our reality. Me happy, Chris mad at the dog. We’re working on that.

And here we are people. In all our shining weirdo glory. Mustaches & bow-ties!

As you’ll see in a moment, Chris was feeling the mustache a little too much perhaps.

All because I asked for a serious headshot for his graduation announcement. “WHY?!” he says.

This is his “serious collegiate” look.

And I’ll leave you with this. Welcome to my world.


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One thought on “Blooper Reel!

  1. Once a clown always a clown. That’s my son ~ Hugs!


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