The Prodigal Dog Returns

My brother specifically asked me to write this post. Over a week ago. And he has asked me about it repeatedly. Ever. Since.

So get off my back it is! 😉

Oh goodness, where to begin.

SEVERAL Christmas’ ago (enough that it would take quite a bit of brain power for me to figure out exactly when) my brother was gifted with a blue-heeler puppy. I say ‘gifted’ because if I remember correctly my Dad didn’t want him to get one, but one of Dad’s friends just gave it to him anyway. What a friend right?! 😛 (*Ironically that same type of thing happened to me when I was a little girl…a group of Dad’s friends chipped in to get me a hamster. But this post isn’t about me.)

She was an adorable puppy (I can’t say little because she never was what you would call little), white with black spots, and Caleb named her Belle. She was only an inside dog for a few days, then she was became an outside dog…and since we lived in the country she had plenty of space to roam.

I guess you’d say that she lived a pretty normal dog existance…chewing on bones, jumping on visitors, digging in the flower beds. No one ever accused her of being the brightest crayon in the box, or the sharpest tool in the shed, or the…well you get the point. (Sorry brother. You know it’s true.)

Then, this past July, one day she was gone. Caleb looked all over for her, Dad drove around looking for her…but it did no good. They couldn’t find her anywhere. Everyone kept their eyes open for weeks afterward, but there was no sign of where she had gone. It was very, very sad for Caleb.

Skip forward to a couple of weekends ago when we all loaded up and went home to see the parents. Just as we turned on to the road our house is on and started to drive down the hill, Caleb started yelling “WAIT! STOP! BACK UP!”

What in the world?!

As we threw it in reverse Caleb rolled down his window and started yelling out for Belle…and ‘lo and behold if she didn’t come running up out of one of our neighbor’s yard! Caleb jumped out of the car, and in what was just such a sweet moment, the two of them started rolling around on the ground laughing and barking and carrying on.

I was sitting there, holding Huxley more tightly than was probably comfortable for him, on the verge of tears. And then, since it was dark and we were parked on a hill on a country road, I told Caleb to pick her up and put her in the car. That was quite a sight in itself…even after 4 months Belle was still not what you would call little, she stunk, and she immediately started shedding all over my car. A small price to pay I guess.

I called Mom and told her to come outside so that we could blow her mind…which we totally did when she laid eyes on Belle!

Turns out for about a week or so my Dad had been catching glimpses of a dog that he thought “looked like Belle” at the neighbors house. She was probably a quarter of a mile from our house…why she didn’t come on the rest of the way we’ll never know. (Just like we’ll never know where she was for those 4 months, or how she survived…)

Ever since both she and Caleb have just been as happy as clams…don’t you just love a happy ending?!


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2 thoughts on “The Prodigal Dog Returns

  1. She is happier than I’ve ever seen her. When I pet her she wags the entire back half of her body. She jumps on me and shakes hands like crazy, then she will roll over to get her stomach scratchd during which she groans. When I finish petting her she will take of and run circles around the yard. I’ve only seen her leave the yard once since she returned. Whatever she has been through obviously made her appreciate home very much! P.S. Heather-it was almost a mile from our house…;). Good post…thanks! Love, Mom

    • I thought about calling you when I was trying to figure out the distance, but I decided to ballpark it. You know how I am w/ distances & directions…yikes!


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