Just poppin’ in to say…

Hello! Better late than never right? I’ve been quite the busy little teacher and homemaker today, and I’m just sitting down for a spell before getting back to work. But, before I go, I must lodge a formal complaint.

Well I maybe I should say that I would lodge a formal complaint, if I knew whom to lodge it with. Let’s just say that you are the lucky ones.

I had to run into Wal-Mart today for a few odds and ends, and on the way through I decided to treat myself to a little snack…and I wanted that little snack to be a popcorn tin. <Don’t judge me! I would split it up into multiple snack sittings, so it still counts as a “little” snack.>

You know the one. It’s got caramel, white cheddar, and cheese? Pure deliciousness in a decorative tin?

Last winter I ate 5 tins.

<There you go judging again! Quit that! I didn’t eat the caramel, so really it’s more like I ate 2 1/2 tins.>

Anyway. On to my formal complaint.

I cruised through the holiday candy aisle, looking only somewhat desperately for the tins of popcorn, and when I found them I was less than satisfied. Not only are there no cute designs on the tins this year, but the tins are considerably smaller…and therefore contain less popcorn.

What is happening?! First there were no popcorn balls to be found around Halloween, and now they are jipping me on my decorative tin at Christmas. WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY COMING TO?! Is the economy so horrible that it is now trickling down to popcorn sales?!

So no, I did not buy a popcorn tin. I will keep searching for one that will give me an adequate amount of popcorn for my dollar.

<Oh, let’s be honest. I’ll probably go ahead and pick up one of the small tins the next time I go until I can find a bigger tin at a different store.>

What’s your favorite popcorn flavor?


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6 thoughts on “Just poppin’ in to say…

  1. My favorite is the carmel…don’t you like it? It is strange, I heard that Reeses cups are slightly smaller now, anyone noticed? Sad thing is…prices remain the same!

  2. I’ve never had one where the yellow/white is cheddar, it’s always been plain butter. Hmmm… So the cheese is my favorite. Have you ever eaten the popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana? If not, check it out. You’ll never miss the tins.

  3. So we found a popcorn store here in AZ. It’s called Popcornopolis. You can find them on line at http://www.popcornopolis.com The popcorn is a little pricey, but you could make up your own tin with whatever flavors you wanted. I’m sure they have different sizes of tins.


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